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A documentary film “While We Watched” which has now been removed from YouTube under copyright infringement.


Latest Update – 12-09-2023:11:50AM

Impact of our news: A documentary film “While We Watched” based on India’s best journalist Ravish Kumar was leaked on YouTube channel and went viral, which has now been removed under YouTube copyright violation.

The leaked documentary film “While We Watched” directed by Vinay Shukla and featuring Ravish Kumar one of India’s most respected and critically acclaimed journalists caused a significant impact on both social media and the journalism community. The film highlighted Ravish Kumar’s exceptional work and his relentless pursuit of truth shedding light on his unique approach to reporting.

As the documentary spread like wildfire across various social media platforms it garnered widespread attention and praise from viewers. Many lauded Ravish Kumar’s journalistic integrity and his boldness in holding the government accountable for its actions. The film showcased his dedication to reporting his empathy towards the marginalized voices and his unwavering commitment to upholding democratic ideals.

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The leaked documentary “While We Watched” not only courage of Ravish Kumar’s accomplishments but also shed light on the challenges faced by journalists in India. It highlighted the increasing threats faced by journalists who dare to question the authorities and expose inconvenient truths. The documentary served as a powerful reminder of the importance of a free press and the need for journalists to continue their vital work despite the risks involved.

However the impact of the leaked documentary “While We Watched” was short-lived as it was eventually removed from the YouTube channel due to copyright infringement. This has increased the curiosity among the supporters of the film and they are all wondering when it will be seen officially. However, the question is being raised that should such an important and powerful part of journalism be suppressed?

Despite the removal of the documentary its impact remains significant. It sparked discussions about freedom of the press the role of journalists in a democracy and the ethical considerations surrounding the leaking and sharing of copyrighted content. The incident also brought attention to the urgent need for a more robust legal framework to protect journalists and their work from exploitation and suppression.

In conclusion, Ravish Kumar’s leaked documentary “While We Watched” has had a lasting impact on the journalism community and the general public. It celebrated the extraordinary work of a renowned journalist and raised important questions about freedom of the press. Although its removal from YouTube may reduce its reach, the film’s legacy will continue to inspire journalists and reinforce the vital importance of courageous journalism in today’s society.

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