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Air Quality Monitoring for Steel Industries Simplified with Oizom


AHMEDABAD, India, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Oizom, an Air Quality Monitoring company from Ahmedabad is providing an innovative solution for air quality monitoring in the steel industry. The steel industry generates large amounts of air pollution, including harmful gases like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, through the traditional blast furnace process. The solution is designed to help the steel industry comply with environmental regulations as well as minimise the impact of their operations on environment and local communities.

Oizom, smart air quality monitors are built with robust sensors, data analytics, and cloud-based software to provide real-time information on air quality. These monitors provide companies with accurate insights to take precautionary actions and stay within environmental regulatory limits.

The auto alert feature enables the maintenance crew to take immediate actions when pollution threshold limits are breached and take immediate actions. The relay based systems also enable automation of mitigation systems like scrubbers and purifiers. With Oizom’s EHS air monitoring, the steel companies can ensure that their employees are safe from any dust health hazards.

Mr. Samarpit Garg, the Indian Sales Head at Oizom quotes, “As we know, the steel industry is among the top 17 industries responsible for massive emissions of pollutants in the environment. Thus, as Air Quality experts it was crucial for us to find a way by which the steel companies can monitor air pollution and take preventive steps. Our multiparameter air quality monitors provide real-time data and accurate insights allowing companies to make informed decisions to minimise their impact and improve their sustainability.”

Oizom’s solution has already been adopted by some of the top leading steel companies in India and across the globe. These companies have seen the benefits of real-time air monitoring and are committed to reducing their impact on the environment.

Mr. Vrushank Vyas, the COO of Oizom adds, “Our calibrated and robust air quality monitors help mitigate the causes of excess dust saving the steel plant owners from significant penalties they will otherwise have to pay for exceeding the limits of air pollution. Thus, by providing real-time data and insights even in extreme climatic conditions, we are enabling companies to stay compliant and demonstrate their commitment to reducing air pollution and taking care of their employees.”

Oizom offers cutting-edge air quality monitoring devices with accurate data analytics to provide real-time data, smart alerts & notifications, and support informed decision-making in various industries. The company’s solutions have been adopted by leading organisations and have helped companies to prevent excessive air pollution and improve their overall sustainability. Oizom’s mission is to help companies take proactive steps towards a cleaner and greener future.

About Oizom  

Oizom is committed to delivering sustainable and trustworthy air quality monitoring solutions to a range of industries and organisations. Their accurate and affordable air quality monitors promise reliable insights in extreme climate conditions. Whether it’s through real-time air quality monitoring, weather tracking, or energy efficiency measurement, Oizom’s solutions provide critical insights that help organisations make data-driven decisions for a better and sustainable future.

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Samarpit Garg

India Sales Head



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