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DUBLIN, Ireland and BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Feb. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amarin Corporation plc (NASDAQ: AMRN) (“Amarin” or the “Company”) today corrected the record regarding the latest misinformation from Sarissa Capital Management (“Sarissa”). Contrary to Sarissa’s press release, Amarin clearly and definitively instructed its registrar to accept ALL submitted proxy cards, including both blue and white cards, with regard to its upcoming General Meeting of Shareholders. This is standard practice for a contested solicitation process and was established before the proxy solicitation process even began. The idea that a company registrar would only accept one set of proxy cards is categorically false.

This is yet another example of Sarissa’s focus on advancing its own interests at the expense of all Amarin shareholders. The registrar confirmed that it notified Sarissa eight hours in advance of their press release that all proxy cards were being considered. It is clear that Sarissa is willing to say anything in an attempt to get on the Board.

In a note dated February 16, 2023, from the registrar:

“As mentioned, [the registrar] did not advise [Sarissa] that Amarin were not accepting these proxy cards. As this was a different proxy form that [the registrar] had seen before, we had to check with Amarin if we were to accept it. Amarin advised that we were able to accept therefore we have lodged the votes.”

As this confirmation shows, the registrar was clearly instructed to accept all proxy cards, including Sarissa’s blue proxy card.

Materials regarding the Board of Directors’ recommendations for the General Meeting can be found at

About Amarin

Amarin is an innovative pharmaceutical company leading a new paradigm in cardiovascular disease management. From our foundation in scientific research to our focus on clinical trials, and now our commercial expansion, we are evolving and growing rapidly. Amarin has offices in Bridgewater, New Jersey in the United States, Dublin in Ireland, Zug in Switzerland, and other countries in Europe as well as commercial partners and suppliers around the world. We are committed to increasing the scientific understanding of the cardiovascular risk that persists beyond traditional therapies and advancing the treatment of that risk.

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