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Americans Are Really Serious About Working From Home: New


SANTA BARBARA, Calif., April 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Many Americans really don’t want to return to the office, says a survey conducted by RemoteBridge, a company that hosts virtual recruiting and team building events using immersive 3D. Conducted between April 15 and April 16, 2023, 516 currently employed U.S. workers were asked what they would be willing to do in order to work remotely from home and never have to go into the office.

No doubt the results might raise an eyebrow. Forty three percent of respondents said they would eat broccoli every day. Other things people would do to avoid commuting and optimize their productivity by working from home include using a voice app to change their voice to sound like a cartoon character (31.2 percent); wearing an inflatable sumo wrestler suit during conference calls (20.1 percent); speaking only in Shakespearean English (16.0 percent) or growing a mullet (11.2 percent.)

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On a more fundamental note, 18.6 percent of respondents said they would take a 10 percent salary cut to be able to work remotely from home and never have to go into the office.

“Companies have a hunch that many of their employees prefer working from home, but perhaps they didn’t realize just how much their employees prefer it,” said Alex Sheshunoff, CEO, RemoteBridge.

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In order to be able to work remotely from home and never have to go to the office, which of the following would you agree to do?

Results of a survey conducted 4/15/23 to 4/16/23 of 516 currently employed U.S. workers. Margin of error +/- 4%.

“To us, this survey validates that remote work is here to stay,” said Sheshunoff, “and we’re excited to do our part in helping remote workers feel part of the team without having to travel into the office. When companies rely on RemoteBridge to help connect their remote employees, no mullets or bad television programs are involved. No one wins in that scenario.”

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