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Big Biking Commune, a Biking Aggregator Platform Launches the First Ever "Certified" Tag to Recognize Achievement of Motorcyclists and their Rides


Big Biking Commune Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s largest aggregator platforms in the motorcycling community has for the first time ever announced the launch of a new initiative that will provide motorcyclists with a “Certified” tag that will recognize and validate their rides and achievements. The aggregator commune will be responsible for providing an “open for all” platform where motorcyclists can register to complete and establish rides that will further be certified and archived for public acknowledgment.

Big Biking Commune launches first ever “Certified” tag to recognize achievement of motorcyclists and their rides

The initiative will be primarily focused on authenticating a motorcyclist’s achievement based on numerous parameters including distance, the number of rides completed, routes travelled, and other accomplishments that are noteworthy.

The Certified platform will require motorcyclists to register themselves on the Biking Commune Certified platform where they will have to enrol themselves in the ride category they wish to be certified in and fill in the application details. A Commune team will then give a “Go Ahead” to commence the ride after verifying the application details.

The registered motorcyclist post-ride then required to upload the Certified Travel Log Sheet and other travel documentation – Receipts with Date, Time and Location Stamps including hotel and lodging bills and Live Map Locations and GPS markers. The travel documents will then be extensively verified over the next 4-6 weeks by the team ‘Certified‘ who will then approve the Certified tag to the Motorcyclist.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Arun Kumar, Founder, Big Biking Commune Pvt. Ltd. said, “There are platforms that certify human achievements for almost everything in the world including education, literature, agriculture, medical science, business, sports, nature, adventure, radio, and cinema. What is surprising is that there is not a single designated platform that recognizes the achievements of one of the most adored and passionate activities around the world, motorcycling. Being involved in the motorcycling industry over the past few years and after discussions with thousands of motorcyclists and communities, we felt the strong urge to establish a platform that recognizes and appreciates the wonderful achievements of our beloved motorcycle brotherhood.

This is where the Big Biking Commune – Certified sees its inception, the first of its kind in the motorcycling industry. It is important that the Certified mustnt be perceived as a record-establishing or officiating body. Certified is not about breaking records or covering kilometers within a time frame appreciating forum. Safety is the first and only priority, Certified recognizes only safe and passionate motorcycle riding and does not encourage rides that involve risks in terms of Time, Distance, and Speed. The initiative does not push the limits of the motorcyclist but rather lets them enjoy their journey and make it beautiful and memorable. This is an open-for-all platform and everyone with a passion for motorcycling is welcome. We are going to flag off the initiative by awarding the Certified tag to over 50 riders from all around the country for their outstanding accomplishments. However, this is just the beginning, we believe we will see a plethora of many such wonderful feats that will be an inspiration for future motorcyclists.”

Interested bikers can visit to find out more details on the registration and categories.

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