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Brain Cancer Canada Awards CAD 80,000 Grant to Fund


TORONTO, May 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Brain Cancer Canada, a leading charity dedicated to funding research and technology for breakthrough treatments for brain cancer patients, has awarded a CAD 80,000 research grant to Dr. Sheila Singh and her team at McMaster University. This grant supports their pioneering work on developing a new therapeutic approach for glioblastoma (GBM), an aggressive and currently incurable brain tumour.

The research project aims to develop a new treatment strategy by targeting two essential proteins, associated with GBM’s aggressive nature and resistance to therapy. By using a combination of genetically modified immune cells called CAR-T cells, Dr. Singh’s team hopes to attack both types of cancer cells at the same time, potentially improving treatment outcomes and overcoming the challenges posed by GBM’s highly heterogeneous nature.

“Our lab aims to develop rational and data-driven therapeutic regimens, using cutting-edge technologies to identify and target the multiple cell populations driving GBM,” Dr. Singh said. “This seed funding from Brain Cancer Canada and its partners will allow us to advance our research, and help transform the treatment landscape for future glioblastoma patients.”

Angela Scalisi, Chair of Brain Cancer Canada, highlights the need for more research funding in this area. “With a median survival rate of less than 15 months, glioblastoma patients face limited treatment options,” she said. “Investing in innovative research like Dr. Singh’s project is crucial to improving patient outcomes and addressing the urgent need for more effective therapies.”

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Marc Peeters, Board Director for Partnerships and Stakeholders at Brain Cancer Canada, also praised the collaboration. “Our trusted relationship with Dr. Singh and McMaster University reflects our shared commitment to supporting local research with high potential,” he said. “We encourage the Canadian government to join us in investing in groundbreaking research that can lead to life-changing treatments for brain cancer patients.”

This grant is the second of five Brain Cancer Canada will issue in May 2023 as part of the Gray in May brain cancer awareness month campaign. By providing crucial funding for high-risk, high-reward projects like Dr. Singh’s, Brain Cancer Canada aims to accelerate the development of new therapies and improve the lives of those affected by brain cancer.

Major contributors include Scotia Wealth Management, AutoOne Group Limited, Highlight Motor Group, Pal Insurance, and Saporito Foods.


About Brain Cancer Canada: Brain Cancer Canada is a leading charity supporting brain cancer research, patient advocacy, and raising public awareness of this devastating disease. With the help of corporate and individual supporters, Brain Cancer Canada is committed to funding innovative research projects, improving treatment options for patients, and ultimately finding a cure for brain cancer.

For inquiries, please contact:

Marc Peeters
Director Partnerships and Stakeholders at Brain Cancer Canada
416 918 6678

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