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Bullhorn.FM Launches Creative Studio into Beta


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Long Beach, Calif., Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bullhorn.FM, the podcast platform created by the founders of FreeConferenceCall.com, has released the most interactive set of tools for podcasters on the market. Bullhorn’s Creative Studio, currently in beta, incorporates the ability to poll listeners, set up subscription tiers, place advertisements and chat (both by taking callers and text-based) during live shows. All these features enable podcast creators to engage more with their listeners, fostering a deeper sense of community. 

“Creative Studios is our way to put podcast creators in the driver’s seat of their brand,” said Sam Petralia, co-founder of Bullhorn.FM. “Creating more interactive content makes it easier to create a community and to make money producing content.”

For Podcast Creators: 

Bullhorn’s Creative Studio provides the best way to cultivate and engage with listener communities. Paramount to the Indie podcaster’s success, connecting with their audience creates brand support and brand loyalty. 

“Interacting with our fans on Bullhorn has been incredibly valuable,” said Zelda Kimble, co-host of the Across the Veil podcast. “The live experience is a great way to connect with our audience base. They love it, and it’s helped us grow.”

For Podcast Listeners: 

With the beta release of Bullhorn’s Creative Studio, the platform is also debuting a login-free web-based player, so live shows no longer require an application download. Bullhorn.FM’s development has consistently been guided by democratizing content, allowing listeners to engage on their terms with the “call to listen” or stream feature that gives listeners control over their device storage and data usage. Developing a web-based experience that is rich and openly accessible is a continuation of this vision. 

Updates to Bullhorn.FM are user driven. A release update to Creative Studios is expected in early 2022. Feedback is welcome. 


About Bullhorn.FM

Bullhorn changes the way podcasters engage with their audience. Launched in 2019, Bullhorn’s mission is to eliminate the boundaries separating content creators with their audience and bridge the gap.

Find, share and engage with over 700,000 podcasts titles for free. Subscribe to your favorite podcasters to earn perks like access to exclusive content.

For more information or to contact our press team, visit https://www.bullhorn.fm/contact-us



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