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CAKE Launches Automated Payment Solution that Boosts


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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CAKE, the leading global performance marketing software provider, today introduced CAKE Pay, an integrated, full-service payment solution that delivers a best-in-class partner experience. With CAKE Pay, brands and performance networks can elevate their direct partnerships by upgrading and automating their payments process, while managing an entire affiliate marketing program on one platform. This significantly simplifies and streamlines the process of paying partners with the efficiency and flexibility to maximize relationships, increase profits, and boost overall performance of their affiliate marketing campaigns.

“For performance marketers to stay one step ahead and ensure the highest returns, finding the right affiliate marketing platform with an integrated, full-service, automated payment process is imperative,” said Santi Pierini, President at CAKE. “By managing your partner payments with CAKE Pay, you can save time, money, and resources, and instead focus on what you do best — running a profitable affiliate marketing program.”

The benefits CAKE Pay delivers include the following.

Efficiency: Streamline time-consuming processes

  • Simplify repetitive accounting tasks with features such as an easy setup to process payments and commissions through an automated ACH transfer.
  • Remove the cumbersome process of generating multiple invoices for every partner by consolidating invoices.
  • Offload tax form distribution and management. This includes the timely administration of W-9 tax forms to newly onboarded partners and distribution of annual 1099 tax forms.

Flexibility: Pay the way you want to

  • Pay partners on all traffic that is tracked including CPC, CPM, conversions, leads, and phone calls.
  • Pay by product, category, and SKU.
  • Pay partners in preferred time frames (weekly, semi-monthly, monthly).

Integrated: Deliver industry-leading customer and partner experience

  • Sync payments in your CAKE account to ensure tracking updates are reflected in invoices, in real-time.
  • Control commission models and profit margins through different payout types.
  • Download real-time PDF invoices directly from the affiliate portal.

About CAKE
CAKE, a global provider of performance marketing software, empowers more than 500 advertisers, networks, and publishers to manage, measure, and optimize their digital marketing campaigns, in real-time. Established in 2010, the company specializes in providing solutions for affiliate marketing and lead generation that create new revenue opportunities for CAKE customers worldwide. CAKE is headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif. with operations in London. For more information, visit

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