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Carbide Introduces Cloud Monitoring Innovation and 100+ New


SYDNEY, Nova Scotia, Nov. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Carbide, an information security and data privacy management platform, today announced Cloud Monitoring as well as more than 100 integrations to the Carbide platform all designed to help businesses improve their cloud security posture. Available across both AWS and Azure, Carbide Cloud Monitoring does more than provide evidence to demonstrate compliance, it highlights actionable recommendations to improve the security of your environment, minimizing both the time and resources required to achieve compliance. Collectively these additions allow organizations to not only establish a solid security foundation but make certain their cloud and application environment is well-architected, secured, and prepared to evolve along with business growth. To learn more, download our solutions brochure.

Strengthen Cloud Security Posture with Carbide Cloud Monitoring

To close enterprise-level deals, high-growth organizations need to prove their applications are secure and compliant at a more granular level than ever before. According to a report from ACA Compliance Group, 44% of companies now require proof of cybersecurity controls during the RFP process. As threats continue to escalate, that number is likely to rise. And yet, the time, resources, and expertise needed to effectively secure environments, and track and demonstrate that the correct security controls are in place can put a strain on the organization and inadvertently lengthen the sales process.

Carbide Cloud Monitoring showcases a universal view into cloud security, enabling customers to understand their compliance progress across multiple accounts (for example, development, test, and production) and multiple clouds (Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) and provide step-by-step recommendations for remediating any issues.

Aligned with Carbide’s DRIVE (Design, Review, Implement, Validate, and Evolve) methodology, Carbide Cloud Monitoring supports the entire security journey by collecting evidence, flagging gaps, identifying opportunities to improve security posture and the overall cloud architecture, and continuously monitoring the cloud environment. Unlike other offerings, customers can not only monitor compliance, they can also design, operate, and optimize a secure cloud environment, including implementing remediation recommendations and scripts provided in the Carbide platform.

Key capabilities include the ability to:

  • Continuously monitor and generate on-demand reports on compliance status “at a glance” for both AWS and Azure against more than a dozen compliance standards and frameworks
  • Leverage remediation templates and scripts that make it easy to quickly address gaps or implement best practice recommendations in your AWS environment
  • Automate AWS Well-Architected reviews for specific environments and identify opportunities to improve performance or reduce costs
  • Deploy pre-built configuration packages and follow guided walkthroughs for common deployments of AWS settings and services
  • Track security progress over time and against more than 400 security best practices, including a threat management dashboard that tracks threat detection, vulnerability management, patch compliance, endpoint protection, and data protection settings

Automate Evidence Collection with 100+ Integrations

As an extension of this effort, the introduction of 100 new integrations enables Carbide customers to save time and minimize resource allocation for this process. The new integrations feature a robust roster of the most commonly used Human Resource (HR) and Ticketing applications.

“In the rush to showcase security compliance during the sales process, many companies often sacrifice long-term growth for short-term sales goals. Checkbox security might help close that deal today, but over time it builds security debt and requires your team to spend time and money managing the application fallout as you grow,” noted Darren Gallop, CEO, Carbide. “Establishing a secure application starts by making sure the environment it’s built upon is secure, compliant, and well-architected. Our platform and these latest innovations allow customers to do just that and truly build security into the fabric of their organization.”

To learn more about how we help organizations embed security and privacy into the DNA of their organization, visit

About Carbide
Carbide, formerly known as Securicy, makes enterprise-class security and privacy accessible to fast-growing companies. Unlike “checkbox”-style compliance solutions, our information security and privacy management platform is based on universal best practices to enable customers to create, promote, and prove their commitment to security no matter which security framework or privacy regulation they wish to comply with.

By making it easy to embed security and privacy into the DNA of your organization, Carbide can help sharpen your competitive edge and accelerate your company’s growth trajectory. To learn more about how we can help no matter where you are in your security journey, visit

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