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CASHe Launches an Industry-first Digital Gold Program; GOLDe Rewards


  • The GOLDe Rewards program is eligible for customers availing loans with repayment tenures of 3,6,9 and 12 months

  • Starting December 28, 2022 to January 2, 2023, the launch program offers users GOLDe reward points up to 5% of the loan amount availed from CASHe. Thereafter, the rewards points will be equivalent to 1% of the loan amount

  • Up to Rs. 40 crores worth of GOLDe reward points will be deposited to over 25 million users of CASHe

CASHe, India’s leading credit-led, AI-driven financial wellness platform announced that it has launched GOLDe Rewards, an innovative and industry-first rewards program backed by digital gold for prospective borrowers as well as the millions of users on its platform. The GOLDe rewards program incentivises every user with GOLDe Rewards in the form of digital gold coins equivalent to 1% of every loan transaction, deposited in a gold jar made available to them on the CASHe app. However, as part of the new year promotional launch offer, the company stated a user will be entitled to earn GOLDe Rewards up to 5% of the loan amount availed from CASHe. The promotional launch offer starts December 28, 2022 and ends January 2, 2023.

Customers availing loans with tenures having 3,6,9 and 12 months will be eligible to avail the GOLDe Rewards program from CASHe. The company further stated that it will deposit GOLDe rewards worth 40 crores to over 25 million of its users as part of its grand new year launch. Each GOLDe reward point earned by the users is equivalent to Re 1 worth of digital gold on the CASHe app. The GOLDe reward points accumulated by the users can be converted to digital gold and then can be redeemed as cash to buy movie tickets, dine at a restaurant, or even deposit in their bank account. The digital gold stored in the gold jar is powered by Augmont, and provides users with a safe, easy, and reliable method of buying, selling and redeeming 24k digital gold with 99.99 percent purity.

Commenting on the launch of GOLDe Rewards, Mr. Yashoraj Tyagi, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Business Officer at CASHe said, “Innovation is the key to all that we do at CASHe. Our customers have always motivated us to keep innovating to deliver an outstanding customer experience. We firmly believe that with the launch of this industry-first gold rewards program, our relationship with our customers will go beyond the traditional transactional mode and help us provide more value to them. The GOLDe rewards program paves the way to deeper engagement with our existing user base as well as attracting millions of new set of customers to the platform. The rewards program was launched with the millennials and GenZs in mind who are increasingly tapping into the digital gold space as the demand and interest in this commodity is on the rise. Gold is a powerful wealth protector and creator, and weve now made it accessible to millions of users to earn rewards points in the form of digital gold right on the CASHe platform,” he added.

India has one of the world’s largest millennial population, roughly accounting for 34% (440 million) of the total population. As a result of increased digitalization, millennial investors have shown an affinity towards new-age investments such as digital gold as it is instant, convenient, economical, and 100% safe. Digital gold as an investment option is gaining huge traction not only from the top metros but also from tier 2 and 3 cities.

About CASHe

Headquartered in Mumbai, CASHe is one of India’s leading AI-based, credit-led financial wellness platform focused on making financial inclusion possible by serving the underserved digital customers in India. The company is driven by its laser focus to unlock opportunities for the millennial and Gen Z population by making financial inclusion and accessibility possible using its cutting-edge algorithms and AI and ML-based credit decisioning model called the Social Loan Quotient (SLQ). Since its launch in 2016, CASHe has registered over 25 million app downloads on the app store and has disbursed loans worth Rs 6,000 crores to over 5 lakh customers. Its affordable interest rates, instant processing, and flexible repayment options make it India’s most preferred digital credit platform. Over the past year, CASHe has constantly introduced new product offerings and services in line with increasing consumer demands and has successfully transformed itself into a full-fledged financial services platform that offers its customers credit, investment, insurance, and EMI shopping.

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