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cBrain announces AI for Government Initiative


Press Release no. 03/2023

cBrain announces AI for Government Initiative

Copenhagen, August 14, 2023

cBrain (NASDAQ: CBRAIN) has launched an AI for Government Initiative that will offer Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality, tailor-made for government usage and seamlessly integrated with F2, enabling government organizations to inspire and learn from each other.

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AI for Government is a cBrain research initiative based on a sandbox approach. A sandbox is a secured customer specific environment, which simulates live government work and case processing. The sandbox allows individual government authorities to investigate and test specific use cases, while using their own case type specific data.

Working in close collaboration with government entities, the initiative will lead to the introduction of new F2 products. This includes standard F2 extension modules, as well as customer specific AI functionality, that is trained based on individual customer data.

Using AI to enhance government operations yields significant gains in productivity and work quality, as well as better business and citizen services. However, government’s AI usage faces considerable security and compliance restrictions, including Schrems II and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To fully leverage AI’s benefits, AI must support specific government data and use cases.

Due to the unique F2 architecture, cBrain can offer AI functionality for government, which is difficult to achieve with today’s well-known general-purpose AI services. This includes addressing compliance restrictions, as well as in-depth learning based on customer data, which will allow F2 to support customer specific case processing.

During spring cBrain developed F2 to offer fully integrated AI functionality, and in parallel cBrain has developed and prepared the sandbox approach.

The F2 based AI sandbox approach is now ready for customers, and cBrain has signed the two first agreements with customers. This includes a Danish ministerial department and a large Danish government agency, who will pilot AI functionality aligned with their individual needs.

cBrain is in dialogue with other government organizations in Denmark and internationally, who want to explore how AI can support their specific needs by utilizing the F2 based AI sandbox approach.

The F2 based AI sandbox approach is appealing for government organizations as it allows them to experiment and learn from close-to live work situations, based on their individual case types and data.

Moreover, due to the standardized sandbox approach, learnings can easily be reused between government organizations. cBrain therefore expects that the sandbox approach will develop into a platform for an informal government community, where government organizations can share experiences, inspire, and learn from each other.

Best regards

Per Tejs Knudsen, CEO

Inquiries regarding this Press Release may be directed to

Ejvind Jørgensen, CFO, cBrain A/S,, +45 2594 4973

Press Release no. 2023-03 (AI)

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