Boston, Massachusetts, April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ahead of Earth Day 2022, Vibram opens an invitation to rediscover nature with its new campaign ‘Move Freely’.

Reigniting the FiveFingers category, the global campaign kicks off with a film that takes the viewer on a cinematic and suspenseful journey of historical discovery that connects the viewer with a deep sense of moving in nature.

Analyzing mysterious footprints discovered in various environments, a researcher traces the habits and movements of the owners trying to identify their origins and habits. The film narrates the deep connection between the human foot and the natural environment through the minimalist sole technology and natural toe spread of Vibram FiveFingers, showing the infinite possibilities to ‘Move Freely’.

“Vibram FiveFingers was born from the desire to rediscover contact with 

our natural environment, returning to the essence of the human foot becoming one with our surroundings. 

Move Freely – whoever you are, wherever you go.​”

Vibram invites you to watch the ‘Move Freely’ campaign film here

Fabrizio Gamberini, Global Chief Brand Officer and President, Vibram Corporation said, “The Move Freely campaign marks a new, fresh, invigorating approach to the FiveFingers category and we encourage everyone to experience confidence in every step with a pair of FiveFingers. Whether discovering FiveFingers for the first time, or as a seasoned loyalist, we know this campaign will capture the attention of everyday users, adventurers and beyond.” 

As the world leader in the production of high-performance rubber soles, Vibram debuted the FiveFingers shoe in 2006 which challenged the conventional approach to footwear. A shoe with five toes, fitted with a slim, flexible and deconstructed sole, which fits the foot like a glove. Vibram FiveFingers respects the natural functionality of the foot, allowing the wearer to feel the ground naturally with a level of protection. It rapidly captured the attention of footwear enthusiasts and athletes all over the globe for its philosophy towards the practising of sport on all levels and across a range of disciplines. With models for fitness, running, trail running, water sports, excursions, everyday use, and training in general, Vibram FiveFingers is created for lovers of outdoor sports and much more, providing the sensation of being barefoot with all the protection guaranteed by a Vibram sole. 



Vibram is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance rubber soles for outdoor and leisure activities, workwear, fashion, orthopaedics and correction. For more than 80 years the yellow octagon that symbolises Vibram has been synonymous worldwide with quality, performance, safety and innovation in the footwear industry. With its international headquarters in Albizzate (Varese) Italy, Vibram produces over 40 million soles every year, dedicates over one million kilometres to testing, is present in 120 countries and has manufacturing, research and representation bases in the USA, China, Japan, Brazil and Italy.



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