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Chai Point is All Set with the Biggest Launch of the Year, Delights Customers with 10 NEW Delicious Food Offerings Across 9 Cities


  • Introduces 10 new, all-time favourites making it a perfect 10 on 10 treat – from Tangy Chaats to mouth-watering Bread Pakodas, from Buddy Samosas with new flavourful seasonings to savoury Peppy rolls, from Buttery Croissants to Fudgy Brownies to go with your brew.

  • Taps into the $4bn Samosa market in India with the introduction of Samosa Binge Packs under its sub-brand Buddy Samosas & More.

  • With over sixty-five food options to go with an extensive Chai and coffee menu, the choices for the customer are as delightful as it can get.

Chai Point, the world’s largest Chai-led beverage platform, has introduced 10 new food items to its existing menu of over 50 items, thus making it the most robust menu ever for an elevated Chai-led experience. The new menu features delectables like the best Buddy to your Chai – Mini Samosa Binge Pack, childhood school favourite – the Bread Pakoda Binge Pack, Delhi’s most loved Aloo Tikki and Samosa Chaats and the evergreen Peppy Rolls in Paneer Tikka and Chicken Tikka. The menu additions also feature all day bakes like Cheese Croissant, Egg & Cheese Multi-seed Croissant, Pesto Paneer Croissant, and Gluten Free Brownie with Amaranth to compliment your choice of hot or cold brews.

New Menu items from Chai Point

With the addition of 10 new, ever-indulgent food items to an already wide menu of 50+ food items, Chai Point is clearly the go-to place for those looking for the right variety of food options to go with their Chai at any time in the day. This menu will serve as the ‘perfect add-on’ making those conversations with friends and family so much more gratifying and indulgent. The new menu not only comes with new food items but also new formats like the Mini Samosa Binge Pack with a choice of 3 new seasonings – Mint Masala, Masala POP, and Peri Peri to gorge on. The new food items are available in Delhi NCR and selectively available in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and coming to Goa, Pune and Amritsar soon. By mid-December, customers in all these cities will be able to enjoy all the new launches.

Speaking about the launch Amuleek Singh Bijral, Co-founder & CEO, Chai Point, said, “Every Indian has their go-to favourites that they like to consume when having their cup or Chai or Coffee. Keeping this in mind, we at Chai Point have always strived to offer numerous choices in our menu for an elevated Chai-led experience. Over the years, we have studied the Indian market and customer trends which has helped us to carefully curate a menu that is not only delicious & extensive but also in line with India’s most loved and evolving tastes. With 10 new food items across the menu, we are sure that customers will be spoilt for choice. With the introduction of mini-Samosa Binge packs, we are confident of leveraging the $4 Billion samosa category market in India.”

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New Menu items from Chai Point

With over a decade of expertise in brewing great cups of Chai, Chai Point has expanded its menu for creating a wholesome experience for customers’ changing needs. The new range has been launched after in-depth research and a deeper understanding of the food preferences of customers in various regions.

So don’t wait up, head to your nearest Chai Point and grab these delicacies with your friends and family. For more details, please visit

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