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Chennai Witnesses this Year's Biggest Gathering of Genius Kids


  • More than 7000 kids from all over India participated

Chennai Trade Centre buzzed with more than 7000 student geniuses from various parts of India, at the 40th National Abacus Competition Festival 2022, organised by Brainobrain Kids Academy Private Limited.

Chennai Witnesses this Year’s Biggest Gathering of Genius Kids

There was a high-flying enthusiasm at the entry-gate of Chennai Trade Centre, where thousands of smiling kids in green made a beeline, waiting for the announcements. After a few minutes, they started marching into the hall, with their abacus as if they were holding a sword. Be it the way the children walked in straight lines to their seats or the way the question papers were distributed and announcements were made or the way the children solved the paper using mental arithmetic – everything happened in surgical precision as if they had rehearsed a number of times. The discipline and commitment displayed were extraordinary.

The kids solved around 60 pretty complex sums in just 3 minutes time. Some of them made quick negotiations in the abacus tool in front of them whereas majority others made quick finger movements in the air as if their inner eyes were only open. Brainobrain Kids Academy Private Limited, world’s leading Skill Development Programme for children, organised this two-day event where students from Grade I to Grade X participated in categories matching their age and level of expertise. The ones with maximum speed and accuracy emerged as the winners and won Champion, Gold & Silver Titles.

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About Brainobrain

Brainobrain is one of the world’s leading children institutes which aims to empower young geniuses of the world through abacus course and mental arithmetic training programmes. Brainobrain Kids Academy Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution established in the year 2003, manned by professionals who have had a decade of international experience in kids’ education and training. Brainobrain operates in 44 countries, such as India, UK, Norway, USA, Canada, Australia, Morocco, Yemen, Ireland, Slovenia, Poland, North Macedonia, Libya, UAE, Denmark, France, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Montenegro, Oman, Qatar, Croatia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Zambia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Egypt, Cyprus, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Hungary, Kosovo, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Jamaica, Spain, and Zimbabwe. Brainobrain has more than 1000 successful abacus franchisee centres in all these countries. Brainobrain has transformed the lives of more than 4,00,000 children all over the world with its high-quality programmes.

Brainobrain Advanced Skill Development Programme is a 10-level abacus course for children of 4 to 14 years to improve their Brain Skills, Life Skills and NLP Skills, ensuring whole brain development at a very young age. Children improve in their concentration, memory, listening skills, learning ability, creativity, imagination, self-confidence, visualization, speed & accuracy, problem solving skills, math proficiency and much more.

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