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Coeus h3c to Deliver Easy, Friction-Free Experience for Home Health Customers


Coeus h3c to help customers live well and heal at home with initial investment from Best Buy

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HLTH 2022 booth #3458–Coeus h3c announced today that Best Buy made an initial investment in the company and will use the Home Health Hybrid Cloud (h3c) to accelerate customer access to the full benefits of its home health devices and solutions. h3c is the first end-to-end solution that seamlessly manages the procurement, provisioning, delivery, installation and maintenance required for a successful home health experience. It fixes “the mess in the middle,” addressing enduring pain points that have limited end-user success with home health solutions. Best Buy’s commitment to ensuring a friction-free experience extends its leadership in delivering successful solutions for wellness at home, aging at home and care at home.

Six in 10 Americans manage a chronic disease. Four in 10 manage more than one. According to the Centers for Disease Control, chronic disease is a leading driver of the nation’s $4.1 trillion in annual healthcare costs. A wide range of in-home health devices and solutions are available to help people manage their health at home, which data show improves outcomes and reduces healthcare costs significantly. However, these solutions can have significant technology and logistical requirements that leave many patients unable to onboard successfully or abandoning the solution shortly after initiation. h3c provides a friction-free experience for end-users, which pilot study data show improves participation by up to 50 percent and decreases abandonment by 30 percent.

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“Living independently, living well and accessing healthcare at home have clear and compelling benefits for people,” said Deborah DiSanzo, president of Best Buy Health. “We’re committed to enabling care at home for everyone, and we’re continually seeking new ways to apply our core capabilities in omnichannel retail, in-home services, logistics, caring centers and technology with our leading home health solutions for wellness, aging in place and managing health conditions at home. We invested in Coeus h3c because they’re uniquely able to help customers benefit from the full potential of these solutions, allowing us to deliver on the vision of living well to as many as possible.”

Coeus h3c offers a cloud-based IT and logistics platform that is secure, scalable and reliable, allowing customers to onboard, use and benefit from a wide-range of in-home health devices and solutions. The platform eliminates more than 30 points of friction associated with:

  1. Ordering, customization and kitting
  2. Delivery, installation and go-live support
  3. Establishing connections to ensure health data is easily accessible to providers
  4. Ongoing monitoring to support device health and connectivity
  5. Device return

“Millions of Americans trust Best Buy for their technology needs, and technology for care in the home is no exception,” said Oran Muduroglu, CEO of Coeus h3c. “We’re grateful for their initial financial backing as well as their expertise in creating personalized home health solutions. We believe our collaboration will help the largest group of Americans access the full benefits of home care. The cost benefits that follow are second only to the enormous quality of life gains that individuals, patients and their caregivers can experience from staying at home.”

Fixing the mess in the middle: about h3c

The Home Health Hybrid Cloud–or h3c–is reinventing the remote patient monitoring (RPM) experience for patients, people and solutions providers by keeping the enabling technology in the background—where it belongs. The cloud-based IT and logistics platform eliminates the technology and logistics friction associated with monitoring patients at home, addressing enduring pain points that have limited end-user success. By seamlessly managing the procurement, provisioning, delivery, installation and maintenance required for a successful home-monitoring experience, h3c enables improved patient engagement, adherence and caregiver satisfaction. It’s secure and scalable, allowing a broad range of populations—from post-surgical patients to older adults living independently—to experience the significant quality of life gains and dramatic healthcare savings of staying at home.

About Coeus h3c

Coeus h3c believes healthcare is a human right. Its flagship product, the Home Health Hybrid Cloud (h3c) makes remote patient monitoring (RPM) easy and successful, allowing more people to heal and live safely at home. Designed for RPM vendors, h3c fixes “the mess in the middle” by automating the technology and logistics tangle that has limited the success of today’s home-monitoring solutions. Coeus h3c’s seamless, secure, highly scalable solution allow RPM vendors to delight end-users with an easy-to-use, personalized solution. Improved patient engagement along with caregiver satisfaction follow, allowing RPM vendors to deliver on the long-awaited vision for patient monitoring, helping more people experience the benefits of healing and living at home. Coeus h3c is led by accomplished leaders in healthcare IT and received an initial investment from Best Buy. For more information, visit


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