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Collect and travel to Botswana with the new NFT stamps by BotswanaPost


GABORONE, TALLIN, December 14, 2022. The first digital NFT stamps of BotswanaPost will be released on on December 7th, 2022. The new stamps will feature 5 stamps from the historic series “Five Decades’ Favorite Stamps,” which were issued by BotswanaPost in 2016 illustrating themes that reveal Botswana’s environmental, cultural and historical heritage. The collectors of these digital stamps will have a superior benefit compared to the owners of physical postage stamps issued in the past that is a lifetime opportunity to win one or several unique annual real travel experiences to visit Botswana and truly enjoy its beauty, hospitality and spirit!

“From the earliest days of Botswana’s Independence, the stamp-issuing program has always been guided by Philatelists of international repute, working with the Stamp Advisory Committee to ensure that themes depicted on the stamps reflect Botswana in the most appropriate manner to the international community of stamp-collectors, highlighting the tradition, culture, history and environment of Botswana,” said Mr. Cornelius Ramatlhakwane, BotswanaPost Chief Executive Officer. “That’s why we have chosen for our first NFT stamp issue this historic set from 2016 – the 5 best stamps of the five decades of our independence.”

BotswanaPost is the third postal operator on offering its dedicated collectors real life benefits in addition to traditional collectable values like authentic art and rarity. This is a paradigm shifting experience for stamps collectors. In short, for every 10 full points in the Country Collection Score, a collector gets a lifetime draw ticket to win 1 of the 4 annual exclusive trips to experience breath taking natural beauties of the amazing country of Botswana.

“The world is changing as we speak! We are contributing to this process by making stamp collecting experience more entertaining and rewarding for the collectors,” said Andrii Shapovalov, CEO of Stampsdaq. “Travel with Stamps” has always been virtual for the philatelists, in reality   all of them would love the opportunity to travel to those places they mentally visit when going through their stamp collections. Through this offering, we make it possible for them. “Travel Stamp Club” is as real as the Sun rising every morning! Botswana is a jewel on the map of touristic destinations and we offer an excellent opportunity to become a digital stamp collector on Stampsdaq and create many travel opportunities for a collector’s future.”

The new NFT stamps will be minted on Polygon blockchain in five (5) rarity tiers – Common (10000), Rare (1000), Super Rare (100), Ultra Rare (10) and Unique (1), each with unique digital art animations. Collectors worldwide will be able to buy the stamps using both traditional payment methods (credit/debit cards) and cryptocurrencies like MATIC, BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DASH, etc.

About BotswanaPost

BotswanaPost is the Designated Postal Operator in Botswana servicing a domestic and international mail and parcel logistics. BotswanaPost operates 132 Post offices, 84 Postal Agencies, 20 Kiosks and 5 Virtual Teller Machines, which are located in various locations across the country. BotswanaPost remains a key institution in Botswana providing not just letter mail, but a host of other services and products. The Post carries over 40 million items of mail per year. Botswana’s postage stamps have been widely recognized by thousands of stamp collectors around the world, promoting the country’s nature, architecture, culture and social life. The national postal operator aims to tokenize into NFT format its entire historic philatelic collection as well as issue new NFT stamps in the near future.

About Stampsdaq

Stampsdaq is an EU-based NFT company founded in 2021 and exclusively dedicated to cooperating with designated postal operators worldwide. It’s recently launched platform for NFT Stamps is designed to bridge the interests of postal operators and the global community of collectors. Stampsdaq provides a One-Stop-Shop solution with no investment required from a postal operator side. The company promotes and implements “Collect with Benefits” vision of creating an extra utility value and real-world experiences for NFT Stamps owners to drive the interest to NFT Stamps collecting and to stamp collecting in general. Stampsdaq currently holds several license agreements with different designated postal operators and is in active negotiations with over 60 postal operators worldwide. It is also an associate member of the Consultative Committee and World Association for Development of Philately (WADP) of the Universal Postal Union.   

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Chief Executive Officer

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