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Darcy Partners Selects IronSight as Top Innovator in 2022


EDMONTON, Alberta, Jan. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IronSight, an Alberta-based scale-up, has had a thrilling year as market trends have positioned them as a leader and Top Innovator in oil and gas production innovation for 2022.

Awarded by Darcy Partners, a member-driven technology and innovation market intelligence firm serving the energy industry, this award showcases market trends driven by real client feedback. As a leader in Oil & Gas Production technology and field management software for the energy sector, IronSight was selected based on activity on Darcy Connect, operator interest, and overall market traction.

“Over 10,000 professionals from the oil & gas and utility industry use the Darcy Connect platform to find and evaluate emerging energy technology solutions. The activity on the platform gives rich insight in what the Darcy member base is interested in and basically sends a signal: ‘your peers are looking at these technologies, so you should either be evaluating them or have a good reason for why you are not’. This year, IronSight was one of the 10 most popular companies in the area of Production Optimization. The full list of companies can be found here.”
– Darcy Partners Representative

IronSight’s SaaS offering digitalizes field data capture to create more transparent, informed, and agile operations. Deployed through both a web and mobile app, IronSight bridges the gap left by traditional solutions by taking a field-first approach to digital data capture. Data like unit location, work order details, safety and production forms, utilization, emissions, and more are generated and made available to both service providers and operators in real time.

By facilitating field data capture in real-time and integrating with existing systems, coordination of logistics and optimization of operations becomes effortless for both operators and service providers. This enables the tracking and optimization of benchmarks over time across various service providers, resources, and activities.

“IronSight aims to connect supply and demand in the energy sector through its user-friendly service scheduling, resource coordination, and digital field data documentation platform. Its ability to capture, visualize, and provide operational insights make it a valuable tool for decision-making at all levels of our client’s operations. IronSight eliminates the need for guesswork by helping to determine the most productive, safe, and sustainable deployment of people, equipment, and processes.”
-Adam Jessome, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product, IronSight

IronSight empowers energy companies and their service providers to make data-driven decisions that streamline and optimize field services to return immediate OPEX & CAPEX reductions. The IronSight platform is an intuitive and secure cloud-based software that digitizes processes and workflows involving people, equipment, and service logistics. It creates administrative efficiencies while capturing and displaying data to benchmark and improve performance.

To date, IronSight is already achieving annual cost savings in the six and seven figures for some of the biggest energy producers in Canada and the US. It serves over 275 producers and service companies in North America and is well-suited to replicate its services to thousands more in the US and worldwide, resulting in both short-term and long-term gains. Expansion plans are underway.


Originally developed as an in-house software solution for their oilfield services company, Adam Jessome and Shawn Martens sold their trucks in 2017 and pivoted to focus on bringing the benefits of their software to service providers and energy producers. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, IronSight is a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) provider taking the guesswork out of energy and industrial operations for energy producers and service providers alike.

Through its cloud-based software, IronSight digitizes field data capture and operations workflows involving people, equipment, and service logistics. It creates immediate operational and administrative efficiencies while capturing and displaying field services data to benchmark performance and make decisions that increase productivity, reduces OPEX/CAPEX and environmental footprint, optimizes asset use; and enhance safety.

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Darcy Partners is a technology scouting and innovation advisory firm serving the energy industry. Our member companies rely on us to identify and validate critical technology solutions, and to help them benchmark and improve their operations, and their overall innovation ecosystems. Our team includes investors, scientists, consultants, and energy sector veterans who have come together as a one-stop shop for innovation in the energy industry. For more information, visit



Shawn Martens
Co-Founder, President

Darcy Partners

Marelyn Rios
Research Associate

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