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Data-First Security Company Bearer Open Sources Its Static


SAN FRANCISCO, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bearer, the data-first security software company, today announced that it has made its application security technology available as open source software. During development, Bearer was tested on more than 20,000 open source projects.

Bearer, now available as open source code (under the Elastic License), is a Static Application Security Testing (SAST) solution used by engineering and security teams across multiple industries with one customer alone protecting the private data of more than 75 million medical patients. Within minutes it assesses the OWASP Top 10 security risks in web applications and filters and prioritizes vulnerabilities based on their impact on sensitive data.

“Our goal is to help security and engineering teams ship secure software faster by focusing on what matters the most,” said Guillaume Montard, CEO and co-founder of Bearer. “We empower developers by explaining what the top issues are, why they matter and how to fix them. By making our code open source, we give developers complete control and understanding of our SAST solution, making it easy to customize, extend and take advantage of the rapid innovation cycles and support of a global community of developer peers.”

Application security solutions available in the market today, and particularly SAST tools, are notoriously poor at measuring business impact, making it a huge challenge for overburdened and understaffed teams to effectively manage them to meet security and compliance requirements. At the same time, data loss and leakage are among most companies’ top concerns about their software technology stack. Bearer’s solution uniquely solves both problems by optimizing application security efforts on remediating issues directly impacting the security of sensitive data, effectively reducing the attack surface for the organization.

As a data-first solution, Bearer filters and prioritizes security risks and vulnerabilities by assessing sensitive data flows in code to highlight what requires urgent attention. Bearer is comprehensive and identifies122 different data types grouped in familiar categories like PI, PHI, and Personal Data.

Bearer’s approach is a first in the industry, and ultimately proposes a new paradigm to assess security issues, one where the business impact is central, considering the average cost of a single data breach in the U.S. is now estimated at $9.44 million (source).

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About Bearer
Bearer, the open source data-first security software company, pioneered a solution for developers to automatically detect sensitive data flow and security risks while coding. Its SAST solution is fully customizable and proactively monitors security risks and vulnerabilities before releasing code and its unique remediation workflow prioritizes the most critical issues – including business logic flaws – for quick resolution between security and engineering teams. Venture-backed with more than $8 million in seed financing, Bearer is used in markets where security and data protection are business-critical, including eCommerce, financial services, and healthcare. Follow us on Twitter @trybearer

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