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DAXXIFY™ Is Now Available at Rockland’s Skin Klinic & Day


ROCKLAND, Maine, Feb. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BOTOX® has long been considered a highly effective and popular injectable for reducing facial lines, but there’s now a wrinkle-relaxing treatment injection from Revance Aesthetics—and it’s set to change the world of cosmetic treatments for good. As of Dec. 1, Skin Klinic & Day Spa began providing the new DAXXIFY™ at their Rockland, Maine-based practice, offering the injectable approved by the FDA to address frown lines between the eyebrows. As of this launch, the Skin Klinic team was the only DAXXIFY™ provider in the entire state.

Why DAXXIFY™? All wrinkle-relaxing injectables provide temporary results, with the bulk of the options treating facial lines for a few months at a time. While patients may be thrilled to see their smoother, fresher-looking skin soon after an injection session, they may also wish that the effects lasted longer so they could enjoy their results more between maintenance visits.

BOTOX® has a duration of three to four months, while the results from DAXXIFY last for six months on average and have even been shown to last for up to nine months in a small percentage of people. In other words, DAXXIFY™ lasts for twice as long as BOTOX® and the other popular botulinum toxin injections.

This means that patients could need as few as two appointments per year in order to maintain their skin-smoothing DAXXIFY results—compared to three or four appointments during the year to maintain the results of other neuromodulators.

DAXXIFY also has a peptide-derived formulation that helps to stabilize the active ingredient, which inhibits communication to the facial muscles where it is injected. The formulation also means that the injectable doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Some people prefer the fact that it isn’t cold when injected, as they find that the warmer treatment is more comfortable.

While DAXXIFY™ will appeal to many women and men who want to target their frown lines—also known as glabellar lines or 11s—the right treatment for each patient will depend on their unique facial features, goals, and more. The important thing is to start with a consultation.

For more information about the benefits of DAXXIFY, contact Rockland, Maine’s Skin Klinic & Day Spa. Call (207) 594-7003 or submit a contact form to request a consultation.

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