Dribblie Launches Play-to Earn Football Game To Earn

London, UK, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dribblie – (Game Development Started in 2022, Q1) is a play-to-earn game in which a Manager can guide a virtual football team to triumph while competing against players from all around the world. In Dribblie, the goal of the manager is to construct a solid team and concentrate on progress while competing in league or cup matches.

Dribblie aims to become a game to last for a long run. Unlike other play to earn games, like Axie infinity, where after some time supply becomes much larger than demand, Dribblie announces to have unique burning mechanics in the game. Burning mechanics will keep supply steady and will guarantee that the value of the ingame tokens and NFTs will not lose value. 

The distinction between Dribblie and other football games is that in Dribblie manager truly possess the team, stadiums, and other resources, which have actual significance. It features a realistic ecosystem that use distributed ledger to provide the football players with ownership rights.

“Our developers are already hard at work. After months of planning and research, our development team started to turn their ideas into reality. Our objective is to create a community-driven game, which is fully decentralized and provides real incentives for future players”, says Dribblie.

Dribble allows players to earn by just winning or drawing matches on a regular basis. However, every player should strive for winning matches because winners get the most rewards.

Trophies and awards are everything in football. Winning leagues, cups, or private leagues allows players to rejoice with the followers while earning monetary awards or newly designed assets. Players can also  Keep their assets or trade them to increase their earnings.

Earning System

Teams with exceptional players are more likely to win matches. However, the likelihood of winning a specific competition is determined not just by the ratings, but also by the manager’s skill-level, timely substitutions, and the user participated in the contest. Winning matches are rewarded with ingame tokens. Winning leagues or cups are rewarded with governance tokens.

Of course every player has different core competencies such as shooting, passing, crossing, and so on – and these skill sets are assessed using a 0-99 scoring system. The base player ratings can be boosted with assets or training. Assets are the add-ons for the players and they boost players’ skills to a certain level. Assets can be found in mystery boxes or on the marketplace. By playing games, players get XP. Players with greater experience may be valuable in becoming good managers. XPs may be earned through game minutes, player achievement, scoring, assists, and clean sheets.


Managers are among the most rare NFTs in the game. To participate in matches, users must have 11 football players and at least one manager. Managers have an impact on the team and, like football players, represent a variety of species. Managers are also responsible for improving the capability and performance of footballers from the same species.

Managers can coach their squads between games. Depending on their playing style, players may pick one or more abilities to work on, such as pressuring, contesting, teamwork, long pass, and so on. Managers must be able to coach their players individually on certain abilities, which will enhance their XPs, in addition to team practice.

Stadiums provide the host team a major edge.The team will perform better with greater stadium’s assets. Good stadiums provide the weaker teams an edge over the stronger ones.

Stadiums and assets are available to buy on the market.

Dribble’s Governance Token

Dribblie’s DRBL coin will be offered on several launchpads such as seedify, safelaunch, and others immediately following the NFT sales. The first Dribblie NFT holders will be involved in the tokenomics and will get the DRBL currency, which will serve as the governance token.

First Member Rewards

The initial members will be able to control not just their teams, but also the entire project. They’ll own rights to make informed decisions for the project. When the game will launch in Q3, 2022, the first 10,000 members will be given priority placement in the upper Divisions. Higher divisions imply more prizes. Teams in the top divisions may be able to sell for higher prices on the market.

The need for fresh players will increase as new users enter the game. Since Dribblie is a decentralized game, users themselves are in charge of supply. This is where staking comes in. New members will have the option to generate innovative players by staking managers in the Youth Academy, so the new members of the game will have to buy the players from the existing users. Players will have the opportunity to trade NFTs and a variety of in-game assets on the internal market of  Dribblie for nearly no gas and a very tiny transaction cost.


Species symbolise the players’ origins. Each species has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Titans, for example, are physically powerful but sluggish, whereas humans are intelligent and have superior passing and good teamwork but lack strength. In the game, there are four primary species such as  Titans, Humans, Aliens, and Robots.

About Dribblie

Dribblie (Co-founder Niko Burke, UK) is a group of Ethereum-powered digital artworks (NFTs). This website is a platform via which people may trade digital collectibles. Users are solely responsible for the security and administration of their own private Ethereum wallets, as well as confirming any payments and contracts made by this website before they are approved.


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