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Dromen & Co with Malaika Arora as their Brand Ambassador, launches India’s first ever Organic Honey Hair Oil


NEW DELHI, Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bringing forth a bespoke blend of tradition and modernity, Dromen & Co is a beauty and personal care brand embraced by the goodness of nature. The label is ecstatic to announce roping in the sensational Malaika Arora as its brand ambassador – a voice that resonates with the crux of the brand and its values. 


The befitting face to endorse and be associated with the ethos of Dromen & Co, Malaika is someone who stands by ayurveda and the magical results it yields. Donning flawless skin and gorgeous hair, Malaika religiously swears by conscious beauty and has made yoga, natural treatments, organic apothecary core aspects of her life and well-being. The brand believes the celebrity can impart knowledge regarding a healthy lifestyle whilst promoting sustainable self love in the new age technical cosmetic beauty era. 

Dromen & Co believes in a wholesome lifestyle, and seeks to be the product range people opt for amidst the fast paced bustling lifestyles patrons lead. Each factor of life – be it stress, insomnia, an unhealthy lifestyle, increasing pollution, lack of physical exercise, chemical treatments or emotional drainage primarily strikes and affects the hair. The crown of the head is often ignored- however it is the most critical. This is where Malaika and Dromen come into play, vouching for a ‘one-stop-solution’ for all hair concerns. 

Offering a wide range of hair care products, Dromen & Co recently launched their new ‘Organic Honey Hair Oil’ handcrafted with the purest honey, organically sourced from the saintly Appalachian mountains. Ideal for dry and dull tresses, the heavenly product nourishes and conditions dry strands transforming them into smooth and shiny locks. Power packed with vitamins and minerals, this formula eradicates frizz and breakage while also restoring brittle strands.

While their new launch is a one-of-a-kind self-care experience, Dromen & Co’s ‘Ayurvedic Hair Brew Oil’ is an all-time favourite for patrons. Formulated with fifteen magical ayurvedic herbs and infused with virgin cold-pressed olive oil, this magical solution encourages hair growth and treats numerous hair problems like alopecia, premature greying, brittle texture and reduced volume to name a few.

A multifaceted woman, Malaika is a personality having formed a connection with all genders and age groups of people – hence an ideal spokesperson for the brand. Through her lifestyle and choices, Malaika creates an aura of positivity. Over the course of the association, Dromen & Co is set to showcase awareness on skincare, hair care and holistic living, herbal and organic therapeutic beauty, the importance of transitioning into healthy living, and more. 

Born and brought up next to the serene nature of Kerala, Malaika grew up in the lap of ayurveda, natural healings and organic beauty – which the celebrity will come together with the brand to promote and showcase. 


The name ‘DROMEN’ comes directly from the Dutch language meaning – Dreams, Aspirations and Liveliness… And through the creation of Dromen products, we seek to embody only the purest elements into a healthy skin care range.

The pioneer of authentic facial tools, natural skincare, unique conceptual make-up and luxurious ayurveda, Dromen is on its mission to become the quintessential Indian brand that efficiently infuses the ancient beauty techniques & rituals, and modern aesthetics.

Our Apothecary range offers a beautiful blend of organic and sustainable self-care for today’s fast-moving individuals.

With years of intensive research, our brand ethos has been built on the pure essence of mother nature and its healing properties.

All our products are carefully formulated, and handcrafted using traditional and artisanal expertise to ensure top-notch quality and purity.

For queries, please contact:

Dromen & Co,


Phone: +91-8178237022


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