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Dubai Properties Appearing in Limelight with a World Fan Base FIFA World Cup, Here's Why


With the ongoing world’s largest football event, the FIFA World Cup matches taking place in Qatar on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East, millions of fans are joining the excitement from across the world. FIFA is one of the most favorite sports among sports lovers. But this time its not just focusing on matches, alternatively a large number of interests transiting through Dubai and its real estate market. Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi are the main spots for travelers to flock in, looking to buy or rent properties, attracted by the city’s world class quality of life, the riches, vibrant culture, and the traditions are the reasons why people are drawn to this dynamic city.

During the pandemic, when a massive influx of visitors visited Dubai as it was well organised and safe while other countries were in a complete lockdown, they were already charmed and pleasantly surprised by the opportunities this gigantic city provides.

Since the requirement for Dubai properties is gaining popularity, here are 5 important reasons that Range International Property Investment will help you choose according to your best interest.

  1. A plethora of luxury properties – Dubai has a vast range of high-end properties according to the needs of every individual. Its prime residential areas will seek growth from 2023 because of the high demand and more foreign buyers and high-net-worth individuals are showing keen interest in the market. Furthermore, an immense tourists of FIFA World Cup is more inclined to buy as they are aware that it will give them good return in a long term

  2. Zero income tax – UAE is considered to be one of the better countries relatively in terms of economy and has a stable government with no income or corporate tax policies in the Middle East. The foremost reason for most millennials to choose this country is because its a tax-free nation. Also, there’s no sales tax on the majority of goods and services.

  3. Amenities – When it comes to basic amenities like Education or Health, the Dubai government has invested quite excellent in their infrastructure. Dubai’s healthcare system follows international standards and is available in every corner of the city.

  4. Safety – Dubai is one of the most secure and safest countries when it comes to strict laws and regulations. As this city is very tourism oriented, with immense diversity, for most of the population originating elsewhere, there’s a sense of security with strong police personnel presence with CCTV cameras everywhere. This is the reason why the crime rate is low compared to other countries.

  5. Economy – Dubai is a diverse city with continuous economic growth. Dubai’s currency Emirati Dirham is stable and strong compared to Euro or US Dollar. This growth largely depends upon the international workforce, its tourism. Its recurring growth is evidenced of numerous architecture, hospitality, infrastructure, and what not. And now Dubai’s thriving real estate sector is approaching investors’ interest.

In future many international sports events.viz., football, tennis, and cricket are being planned by authorities in Dubai. These global activities are bound to attract many of the world’s population ensuring the city becomes all the more cosmopolitan.

Mr. Nitin Chopra, Founder & CEO, Range International Property Investment.

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