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ECM PCB Stator Technology Granted 5 New Patents and Upgrades Saas Software for Printed Circuit Board Electric Motor CAD


ECM’s engineering team and partners will employ enhanced capabilities for PCB Stator electric motor innovation via PrintStator platform.

NEEDHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AxialFlux–US Electric motor design and software company ECM PCB Stator Technology was recently granted additional IP and patents for its advanced utilization of Printed Circuit Board Stators for superior performance of axial flux, air core machines.

As a company, ECM pairs its PCB Stator innovation to a software optimization platform, PrintStator, to design custom electric machines with premium operating and sustainable characteristics.

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The new patents augment ECM’s ability to leverage PCB Stators and CAD to create made-to-specs electric motors that deliver greater efficiency and power in a smaller package. These additional five patent grants expand the capabilities and performance of PCB stator utilization for ECM’s clients and partners and include the following:


On the software side, ECM has enhanced its PrintStator SaaS motor CAD platform with six updates. PrintStator enables engineers to rapidly design, model, and prototype optimized printed-circuit-board stator motors to exact specifications. ECM’s PrintStator Rev. 6.21 includes the following upgrades:

  • Real-Time Optimizer for GUI Client Environment
  • Additional Thermal Modeling Capabilities
  • New Custom Operating Point Calculation & Solver
  • Upgraded Optimization Vector Retrieval
  • Updated Datasheet File Server
  • Implemented Design Catalog Server

The new patents and PrintStator advances will empower ECM’s upcoming global SaaS release and growing electric motor design and software business that serves clients across an array of electrified verticals. In fourth quarter 2022, ECM began beta testing PrintStator as a software as a service product with select partners, in advance of a full release in latter 2023.

In tandem with significant client demand, ECM re-located its headquarters to a newly constructed 6000 square feet corporate facility in Needham Heights, Massachusetts and moved its Bozeman, Montana operation to a new 5000 square feet facility. Both locations boast enhanced engineering capabilities – including a lab dedicated to advanced integration of ECM’s PrintStator CAD software into client design, prototyping, and manufacturing processes.

“These new patents and updates to our PrintStator motor CAD platform will greatly augment ECM’s existing business and upcoming SaaS launch. This further enables ECM’s mission to extend the efficiency and sustainability benefits of PCB Stator, axial flux electric motor technology at scale across the world,” ECM CEO Brian Casey said.

“ECM is truly blessed to have such an exceptional team of scientists, engineers and innovators who continue to amaze our stakeholders in advancing ECM’s SaaS product and PCB Stator Technology. These achievements and technical advances are only made possible through the dedicated support and drive of ECM’s innovative marquee clients,” ECM CEO Brian Casey said.

About ECM

ECM PCB Stator Technology uses pioneering PCB Stator – printed circuit board – technology to create next generation electric motors for multiple applications. ECM’s PrintStator software powers the design, manufacture, and integration of PCB Stator electric motors that are lighter, faster, quieter, more energy and space efficient, and greener across a broad range of use cases. ECM designed motors achieve efficiencies as high as 96 percent and require up to 70 percent less raw materials to produce. This serves a global need for specialized electric motors that (by one estimate) will surge to over a billion units a year in a sector valued at over $200 billion annually.

ECM has partnered with multiple organizations to create optimized motor solutions across a variety of verticals: HVAC, Consumer Electronics, E-Mobility, Fitness, Medical, Robotics, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Defense, and more. ECM’s design partners include aerospace and defense innovator L3 Harris, global electronics manufacturer Celestica, and consumer electronics startup Nodo Film Systems.

You can learn more about ECM’s PCB Stator technology and PrintStator design platform at For inquiries regarding PCB Motors and custom solutions, email


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