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Emma Japan, with Newly Developed Technology, Launches Water Bottle for New Era that Activates Water with Power of Nature to Provide Anti-ageing Benefits


YORO, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Emma Japan is pleased to announce the development of the Emma Bottle, a functional bottle brand that focuses on the energy of deep-sea sand and uses far-infrared vibrations, powered by nature, to generate active water with antioxidant potential to promote ageing care, simply by placing drinks inside the bottle.

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Our body oxidizes by everyday excessive stress, exercise, and food additives, harmful electromagnetic wave, etc. This is why your body gets older as you age. You have probably heard that drinking at least two litres of water every day is good for your health. By turning that water into activated water, it works to reduce cell oxidation and help in ageing care.

Activated water is water that has been given antioxidant potential by the fine-tuning of water molecules through far-infrared vibrations. When water is poured into the Emma bottle, the biomass carbon coated stainless steel tongs and the aluminium plate at the bottom resonate to give far-infrared vibrations, which fines the water molecules. Antioxidant begins after one hour and the antioxidant potential reaches its highest value after 19 hours, which is maintained once reached. Biomass marker tests have shown that the antioxidant amount is equivalent to one litre of vegetable juice.

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The technology for generating this active water was granted a patent in Japan in December 2022 and has potential applications in agriculture, fisheries and dairy farming, such as growth promotion, quality improvement and freshness preservation.

[ Specification ]

Color: Black, Silver and Pink

Capacity: 0.48 litres

Gross weight: 285 g

Material: (Body) Stainless steel

Size: 7 cm (diameter) x 23.5 cm (height)

Heat insulation: 50°C or above (approx. 12 hours), 65°C or higher (approx. 6 hours)

Cold insulation: 12°C or lower (approx. 6 hours)

Retail price in Japan (reference price): JPY 29,700.- per bottle

*Each bottle has one pair of tongs.

*The Emma Bottle is available to pre-order in the UK and Ireland now. (Online sales start 10 February 2023)

About Emma Japan,

Located at Gifu Pref., Japan. (established: 15 September 2017)


Tomoe HIBI, Director

Emma Japan

Tel: (+81)+(0)584-76-0187


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