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EQUASENS GROUP: 2022 third-quarter revenue


Villers-lès-Nancy, 9 November 2022 – 6:00 p.m. (CET)


2022 third-quarter revenue

  • Q3 2022 revenue: +13.39 % to €50.13m.
  • Nine-month growth momentum remains on track: +11.29 % to €153.70m.
  • The Group confirms that this level will be maintained for the 2022 full year.
In €m 2021 2022 Change
Q1 45.27 49.36 + 9.03 %
Q2 48.63 54.21 + 11.48 %
Q3 (unaudited) 44.21 50.13 + 13.39 %
9 month YTD 138.11 153.70 + 11.29 %

Equasens Group achieved excellent performances in Q3 2022 with revenue reaching €50.13m, +13.39 % from Q3 2021 (€44.21m).

On a like-for-like basis (excluding the acquisition of PROKOV EDITIONS), Q3 2022 revenue grew 9.94% from last year’s third quarter to €48.61m.

Growth by all Divisions (while the FINTECH ecosystem remained impacted by challenging market conditions).

For the first nine months, Equasens Group’s consolidated revenue reached €153.70m, +11.29 % in relation to the same period in 2021. Like-for-like (excluding PROKOV EDITIONS’ acquisition), revenue year-to-date was €149.72m, +8.40 % compared to the first nine months of 2021.

Operating highlights by Division at 30 September 2022

  • PHARMAGEST Division: Q3 2022, +10.51 % to €36.86m. At 30/09/2022, +7.96 % to €112.67m. This Division accounts for 73.53 % of total Group revenue.
    • France: Q3 2022, +10.45 % to €33.13m. At 30/09/2022, +7.24 % to €100.94m.

In parallel with the electronic labelling activity, which is continuing to perform well, and pending the introduction of new functionalities linked to developments linked to the French Digital Healthcare investment programme (Ségur), this Business Unit is also rolling out new solutions: id.Mobilité (the ergonomic touch terminal that makes it possible to gain in agility and facilitates logistics in the pharmacy) as well as the new OffiSecure Fibre formula (integrating an advanced cybersecurity system).

  • Italy: Q3 2022, +13.43 % to €2.57m. At 30/09/2022, +16.41 % to €7.87m.

Growth momentum is continuing both for pharmacies driven by the investment plan (strengthening of the sales team, opening of new outlets) and for wholesaler-distributors supported by the effectiveness of the Farmaclick® ordering platform. The opening of the market for the manual dispensing solution should accelerate sales of MultiMeds manual pill dispensers, the only solution present in this market in Italy, and boost sales for pharmacies.

  • Belgium: Q3 2022 down 6.14 % to €0.56m. At 30/09/2022, +6.92 % to €1.94m.

Investments by pharmacies and pharmacy groups continue to be limited by the uncertain economic environment which is delaying the commercial roll-out of the new id. brand offering and the launch of the electronic labelling activity.

  • Digital Communication: Q3 2022, +20.71 % to €0.59m. At 30/09/2022, +15.55 % to €1.92m.

This Business Unit has successfully identified its market and provides dedicated services fully adapted to the marketing strategies and expenditures incurred by pharmacists, manufacturers and pharmaceutical groups.

  • AXIGATE LINK Division: Q3 2022, +17.47 % to €7.47m. At 30/09/2022, +11.24 % to €22.61m. This Division accounts for 14.91 % of total Group revenue.

The positive momentum that began in Q2 is continuing in response to the qualification of virtually all the Division’s software solutions (DOMILINK HAD, HOSPILINK, MEDILINK, TITAN) for the three market segments of the Ségur programme:

  • Nursing home sector: Q3 2022, +25.43 % to €3.72m. At 30/09/2022, +12.99 % to €11.40m;
  • The Hospital-at-Home (HaH) care sector: Q3 2022, +14.16 % to €1,41m. At 30/09/2022, +6.23 % to €4.08m;
  • Hospitals: Q3 2022 down 4% to €1,03m. At 30/09/2022, +3.64 % to €3.17m;
  • the Healthcare Establishment and Private Practice: Q3 2022, +21.60 % to €1,18m. At 30/09/2022, +15.95 % to €3.53m pandaLAB Pro‘s recent certification reinforces the Group’s strategy of promoting interconnectivity and should accelerate the application’s deployment in specific private ecosystems.

The Telemedicine business’ growth momentum (0.26% of total Group revenue) remains on track: +12.24% in Q3 2022 to €0.13m and +46.15% at 30/09/2022 to €0.44m. The Division’s sales forces are fully focused on promoting the CARELIB EHPAD and ETPLINK solutions and developing new modules (the interconnection of CARELIB EHPAD nursing home application with DECT equipment and the creation of new functionalities for ETPLINK for the management of outpatient hospital care).

  • E-CONNECT Division: Q3 2022 down 2.96% to €3.83m. At 30/09/2022, +11.84 % to €12.91m. This Division accounts for 7.64 % of total Group revenue.
    • In the Frailty Management sector, the Division is continuing to promote its new homecare product LIVIAHOME by NOVIAcare and is multiplying contacts with partners and distributors, with homecare a priority both in France and in Europe.
    • While growth of the Compliance has remained steady, the e-Connect Business Unit has experienced a marginal slowdown. Supply chain difficulties for electronic components continue to be a major issue adversely affecting the BU’s activity. By anticipating these market challenges and implementing a CSR strategy to improve equipment remanufacturing, the e-Connect Business Unit is able to meet its production capacity and deadlines.
  • MEDICAL SOFT Division (which includes the PROKOV EDITIONS business integrated in Q4 2021): PROKOV EDITIONS announced Q3 2022 revenue of €1.52m. As at 30/09/2022, year-to-date revenue reached €3.98m. This Division accounts for 3.04 % of total Group revenue.

PROKOV EDITIONS was the first company in the market to obtain Ségur certification for its medical software and began implementing its action plan in June:

  • business development and marketing initiatives to promote and sell MédiStory 4’s functionalities and enhancements;
  • technical initiatives to roll out this version while continuing to develop innovative new modules to meet the requirements of both general practitioners and specialists.
  • FINTECH Division: Q3 2022 down 19.22 % to €0.45m. At 30/09/2022, down 18.77 % to €1.53m. This Division accounts for 0.89 % of total Group revenue.

The combined impact of inflation and rising interest rates has created an environment of general uncertainty for this business. Given the reluctance of banks in this context, the FINTECH Division represents a solid alternative, with a mature offering in this market and highly reputable lending partners.

Update of Ségur listings

While the id. by Pharmagest – DOMILINK SSIAD and TITANLINK solutions for the Pharmacy and Social Care categories were submitted at the end of this summer and are still being reviewed by the French Digital Health Agency certification board (ANS), the MédiStory 4, DOMILINK HAD, HOSPILINK, MEDILINK and TITAN solutions for the Hospital, Primary Care Physicians and Social Care categories have already been certified and are eligible for funding from the public authorities.

Equasens Group’s sales teams were among the first in the market to offer certified software solutions and extensions for sale. At the same time, after a strong push to file the Ségur supporting files, all the R&D teams are now once again fully focused on deploying the Group’s solutions and developing their other specialities (the pandaLAB HUB secure intermediation platform, the NOVIAcare programme, e-health technological solutions, etc.).

Significant events occurring after 30 September 2022

On 5 October 2022, the French standardisation body AFNOR awarded PANDALAB ISO 27001 and HDS certification as a data services hosting provider for the provision, administration and operation of health applications for pandaLAB Pro (its secure interprofessional instant messaging system).

In response to the growing cybersecurity challenges, this dual certification highlights:

  • PANDALAB’s commitment to guarantee its customers a high level of development quality, confidentiality and security of their information assets,
  • its strategy of improving the coordination of healthcare through its secure intermediation platform pandaLAB HUB by promoting interoperability between all healthcare applications.

While continuing to invest in business software implementation for Equasens Group and La Coopérative WELCOOP, pandaLAB Pro is also expanding into specific private ecosystems with the launch of the “PRIVATE TEAM” model.

At the end of September 2022, this solution boasted an installed base of 19,194 healthcare professional user accounts (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, administrative staff, physiotherapists).

2022 outlook

In line with its latest acquisitions in Europe (CAREMEDS, MULTIMEDS and I-MEDS), Equasens Group confirms its goals of continuing to expand in this region and developing in other healthcare sectors, for example the specific offering for nurses, soon to be deployed.

Equasens Group is confident in the outlook for 2022 and confirms the current level of growth.

Financial calendar:

  • Publication of FY 2022 annual revenue: 3 February 2023 (after the close of trading).

About Equasens Group:

With more than 1,200 employees fulfilling a vital role as “Citizens in the Service of Health and Well-Being”, Equasens Group is today a key player in the European healthcare sector, providing software solutions to all healthcare professionals (pharmacists, primary care practitioners, hospitals, Hospital-at-Home structures, retirement homes, health centres) in both primary and secondary care sectors.

With operations in in France, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, and Luxembourg, Equasens Group is currently developing the leading healthcare platform and a unique ecosystem in France and Europe benefiting people by making available the very best of technology.

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