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Europe’s fastest growing network of children education centres – NOW IN INDIA


NEW DELHI, Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SmartyKids, having tasted success in Europe, has now branched out to 10+ countries with over 20,000 students to 350+ centres. Started in 2016, in just over five years’ time, their network of sustainable education business has shown monumental progress and touched new horizons.

It is now all set to make its mark in the Indian education sector as well. With carefully planned courses to support the all-round intellectual development of children while at the same time, preserving the childhood atmosphere, SmartyKids uses technology and the experience of renowned global experts for varied programs like mental arithmetic, speed reading, financial awareness and more.

This international chain of child education centres has several advantages as well. The bright corporate textbooks with colourful illustrations augments reality elements for children. The 15-minute online practice session helps children to strengthen their learning skills and achieve better results. Engaging the children in the learning process through gamification and animation is also one of the star attractions of SmartyKids.

At SmartyKids, the instructors and trainers focus on unleashing the intellectual capacity of the child and overcome challenges along with the students on spot, which fosters holistic learning and development. SmartyKids believes in the growth potential of each child and prioritises on them growing up to be independent, build self-confidence, develop wider and progressive vision and most importantly, into caring nurturing human beings. With tutorials and courses at SmartyKids, you can bank on your child to become a genius.  

India is now all geared up to experience the exciting world of SmartyKids, which is built and continuously developed with the experience and teamwork. In financial year 2020, the market size of the education industry was about 117 billion U.S. dollars across India. This market value was estimated to rise up to 225 billion U.S. dollars by financial year 2025 in the country (source: Statista). There is thus, a huge scope of growth in this education industry – something that SmartyKids have very smartly tapped. Utilizing this market potential, SmartyKids offers franchise opportunities to likeminded investors, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in the education sector!

With an Indian entrepreneur & partner, SmartyKids is now ready to enter the flourishing education business market in India. With high brand recall and popularity, a partnership opportunity with SmartyKids will ensure a successful and profitable entrepreneurial journey! If you are looking to start your own business in the education sector, this can prove to be a golden opportunity. With a proven low investment – high margin business model, which has been successful across continents, it is time to take that leap of faith. Become not only a successful entrepreneur but also to give back to the community in form of education and tutoring.

Launch a SmartyKids child education centre and do what you love.



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