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Eyeing Election Day, Byers Campaign for West Hollywood City


WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Nov. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Advocates for housing and transportation policy across the region continue to build support for Chelsea Byers bid to become one of the next West Hollywood City Councilmembers. Voters in West Hollywood frequently share a common concern around the ever-increasing cost of affordable housing and the never-ending woes of commuting. Byers’ personal experience as a renter and rider of public transit compliment the urgency reflected by voters and will direct a more progressive approach to housing and transit solutions.

“I rent. I take the bus, walk, use scooters and bike. When I talk about housing and transit policy, it’s not in the abstract. I live the experience daily, as a regular person living in West Hollywood. The goal of my campaign is to apply experience to policy,” Chelsea Byers reflected. “I have a clear vision for a more affordable and walkable West Hollywood and I want to make that happen for everyone.”

In addition to a healthy coalition of Democratic Clubs, local elected officials, community members and labor unions, Byers has recently gathered the support of Streets for All, a mobility advocacy group based in Los Angeles County and Abundant Housing LA, a pro-housing, nonprofit advocacy organization working to help solve Southern California’s housing crisis.

Streets for All, in considering her endorsement of Byers noted that Chelsea “has the most comprehensive transit platform of the West Hollywood City Council candidates thanks to her experience living car-free in WeHo and embraces policies like abolishing parking minimums.”

Housing continues to lead the list of challenges facing the City of West Hollywood and the region. Homelessness is dramatically impacted by housing affordability and availability. The cycle of homelessness caused by housing unaffordability is a contributing factor to the nearly 70,000 unhoused individuals in Los Angeles County.

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