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FirstAid4Sport Sponsors Bournemouth 7's Festival with


Thursday 11 May, 2023

FirstAid4Sport is proud to announce, for a 2nd year running, its sponsorship of the Bournemouth 7’s festival with first aid and physio supplies. The company will partner with PhysioFitness Dorset to provide essential supplies for the event’s participants, ensuring their safety and well-being.

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PhysioFitness, a leading provider of physiotherapy and sports massage services, will work alongside FirstAid4Sports products to provide on-site support for participants. Their team of qualified therapists will be on hand to provide treatment and advice in case of any injuries or physical strain. As part of the sponsorship, FirstAid4Sport will be supplying PhysioFitness
with a range of first aid and physiotherapy products, including first aid kids, wax, ice packs and massage oils, among others.

The Bournemouth 7’s festival is a popular sports event that attracts thousands of participants from across the UK. It features a range of sports, including rugby, netball, dodgeball, and hockey, and is known for its lively atmosphere and competitive spirit.

As a leading supplier of first aid and physio supplies, FirstAid4Sport is committed to promoting safety in sports. The company’s partnership with PhysioFitness for the Bournemouth 7’s festival will ensure that participants have access to the essential supplies they need in case of any injury or physical strain.

“We are delighted to be sponsoring the Bournemouth 7’s festival with first aid and physio supplies,” said Matt Peachey, marketing executive for FirstAid4Sport. “We believe that safety should be a top priority in sports, and our partnership with PhysioFitness will ensure that participants have access to the supplies they need to stay safe and healthy throughout the event.”

The Bournemouth 7’s festival is scheduled to take place on May 27th-29th, 2023, at Bournemouth Sports Club. FirstAid4Sport is proud to be a part of this exciting event. As a company committed to promoting safety and well-being in sports, this sponsorship is just one of the many ways in which FirstAid4Sport is working to make sports safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

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