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GDA International Acquires All Assets and IP of Life Wallet


Victoria, Seychelles, Dec. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GDA International (formerly known as Assets International), a vertically integrated financial technology and digital asset capital market advisory company that provides institutions with exposure to its premier global ecosystem of cutting-edge blockchain technology companies and advisory services that help stakeholders navigate the digital asset landscape, has acquired all of the assets of Life Wallet, a non-custodial digital wallet and the first multi-blockchain wallet in the world to offer the ability to make transfers to a simple username, rather than using complicated public key cryptography. With this new development in place, GDA International will spin off a new business subsidiary called Wallet International, Ltd. to oversee the growth, expansion, and integration of Wallet International’s offerings with services and applications offered by the GDA Group of Companies.

By further building out the Life Wallet and integrating all of the products and services of the GDA Group of Companies into the Life Wallet platform, including digital asset trading, lending, asset management, token integrations, DeFi & staking, NFT and Metaverse tools and applications, GDA International hopes to bring Life Wallet into mainstream use and onboard millions of new users into the Web3 space. Life Wallet has already secured over 12,000 username signups in its first full day of going live, and the GDA International team expects this trend to continue as users migrate from centralized custodial wallets to secure, self-custody wallets such as Life Wallet.

According to Life Wallet Founder Patrick Andras: “We at Life Wallet were looking to take the Life Wallet application to the next level. After careful consideration, it was decided that we would want to partner with a company and team that has the resources and connections to build this out into the top wallet it can be. Having followed Michael Gord and his companies for a long time, I absolutely felt that this was the best match for our future growth. I am looking forward to working with GDA and feel very confident that Life Wallet will become the go-to wallet for the industry.”

Michael Gord, the CEO of the GDA Group of Companies: “Our team is very excited about the Life Wallet project. Specifically, after seeing products such as Metamask starting to track user IPs, we believe we have a unique position in the market for growth. Life Wallet allows users to send funds by username, removing the complexity of the blockchain and addresses that consist of random strings of letters and numbers. The wallet makes it much easier to onboard mainstream users into the digital space, which has been my focus for the past decade.”

GDA International has had significant experience working with digital asset networks, however Life Wallet represents the first digital asset network wholly owned by the GDA Group of Companies and will be built to become a central point for the growing GDA ecosystem and all future companies operating within it. Life Wallet is currently a multichain product that supports multiple blockchains. The project’s roadmap includes the addition of new blockchains such as Hashgraph, Ava, Solana, and others in due course.

The GDA International team, as recognized leaders in disruptive financial technology and digital asset products and services, has been at the forefront of cutting-edge blockchain development for several years. The addition of a secure, self-custody wallet service to the GDA ecosystem is a positive step toward bringing smoother integrations along with seamless tools and applications to GDA International’s growing list of international clients and partners. By helping clients, partners, and innovative projects grow and reach new audiences, GDA International is closing gaps and setting the stage for digital assets and blockchain-based services and applications to become mainstream.

About GDA International

GDA International provides digital asset companies with access to growth capital, as well as capital markets advisory services that help stakeholders navigate the digital asset landscape. The GDA International executive team has experience that spans the entire blockchain industry including venture capital, private equity, trading, token economics, token development, and multinational enterprise to digital asset partnerships.

About Life Wallet

Life Wallet is a highly secure and multi-chain, non-custodial wallet that lets users transact digital assets via username. Users can swap Life’s native token for hundreds of different digital assets, on/off ramp fiat, and but and sell usernames and NFT’s through a native marketplace. Life Wallet is on track to be the most utilized app for all individuals engaged in crypto.

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Robert Penington

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