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  • Pop-up installation will showcase Genesis’ innovation and pay homage to the history of Battersea Power Station
  • Pop-up experience features an interactive GV60 “Sound Sculpture”
  • The new Genesis pop-up store will open to the public on Saturday 26th November  

LONDON, United Kingdom, November 22, 2022: Genesis Motor UK has announced a new pop-up experience in the recently opened Battersea Power Station, which will honour both the legacy of Battersea itself as well as showcasing Genesis innovation. The pop-up titled “Sound of Serenity” will be open to the public from Saturday 26th November until January 14th and will feature interactive touchpoints for customers centered around Genesis EV vehicles proposition.

Visitors to the pop-up will immerse themselves both physically and digitally in the brand’s elements, with audacious design features and distinctly Korean details, all showcased by an installation that highlights the power of the Genesis Vehicle-to-Load (V2L), a function that uses the vehicle as a mobile power source to charge other electronic devices, regardless of location. Guests visiting the pop-up will also have the chance to interact with touchpoints, including the ”Sound of Serenity” mood wheel, which features different white noises and the Genesis Sounds of Nature, available in each Genesis vehicle.

Sound of Serenity

Located in the middle of the Genesis pop-up will be an all-electric Electrified GV70 suspended from the ceiling in a translucent LED glass cube. The installation is dubbed the “Sound Sculpture”, a stunning visual display which draws inspiration from the low “hum” noise the Battersea Power Station’s working turbines once produced. Combining different sounds, visitors are encouraged to interact with the white noise by rotating a touchscreen dial which changes the colour displayed in the box, as well as experiencing how white noise can counteract high pitch frequencies that make a busy environment feel serene.

The pop-up represents GV60’s noise vehicle harshness (NVH) technology which has been used to make the cabin as serene and calming as possible for both the driver and passenger. Visitors interacting with the “Sound of Serenity” mood wheel located in the pop-up will be able to experience different frequencies that match to different relaxing sounds available within all Genesis, including ‘Calm sea waves’, Rainy day and ‘Lively forest’, with every colour representing a specific sound and mood. Furthermore, guests visiting this touchpoint are able to scan a QR code that leads them to a ‘Sound of Serenity’ playlist, which includes the same sounds that can be played in the pop-up space.

Evolving Power Technologies

The Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) system is one of the many impressive features included in the Genesis electric line-up and is at the heart of the pop-up installation: honouring the legacy of Battersea Power Station, the sound installation is powered by the GV60’s battery, showcasing the technology. Leading the way towards the future of electrification, the V2L system uses energy stored in the battery to power external devices, for users to be self-sufficient and be less reliant on the national electricity grid.

Managing Director of Genesis Motor UK, Andrew Pilkington, said “Many years ago Battersea Power Station was the primary source of electricity for London and the surrounding areas and has since become an icon of innovation and power technology. With the Sound of Serenity installation Genesis has both paid homage to the history of Battersea but also looked towards the future of electrification and we look forward to welcoming customers to experience it for themselves”.

The Genesis pop-up is located just a few steps away from the newly opened Genesis Studio, an automotive retail space that aims to provide a refreshingly different yet still luxury experience when it comes to buying a car. The space showcases four Genesis models available in the UK with a dedicated interactive area for vehicle configuration where visitors will be able to discover Genesis colour, interior and garnish configurations and the story inspiring each of them.

About Genesis

Genesis brings premium cars with a luxury experience to Europe. The Korean brand has established itself as a true alternative within the premium segment. With a commitment to hospitality and great service, Genesis strives to build sincere relationships with customers and, above all, to respect the greatest luxury – their time. Embodying its unique design language ‘Athletic Elegance’, the brand continues to strengthen its range of vehicles and services across Europe having launched five premium luxury vehicles in 2021. Genesis will introduce three electric vehicles in 2022 and, from 2025, all-new Genesis vehicles will be pure electric as part of the brand’s vision for a sustainable future. Genesis will also pursue a goal to become carbon net zero by 2035.

For more information about Genesis and its definition of premium, please visit

About Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is one of central London’s largest, most visionary and eagerly anticipated new riverside neighborhoods. The £9bn regeneration project is delivering a vibrant, mixed-use destination offering a community of homes, shops, restaurants, offices, culture and leisure venues, as well as 19 acres of public space, all serviced by an extension to the London Underground Northern Line.

The Grade II* listed Power Station, the second phase of the development, opens to the public from Friday 14th October, housing over 100 shops, restaurants and cafes, events venues, new office space and 254 new residential apartments. The first residents moved into the Power Station in 2021.

For more information about Battersea Power Station, please visit and follow @BatterseaPwrStn to keep up with the latest news and events.

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