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Giant Network Launches the ZTimes Gaming Brand at GDC,


New York, March 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Giant Network officially unveiled its new overseas brand, ZTimes, at the 2023 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on March 22. ZTimes is committed to creating a new generation of games using Web3 technology. The brand name, “ZTimes,” is an abbreviation of Giant Network’s milestone product, “Zhengtu(ZT),” with the inverted “i” representing the hatching and vitality of elements.

“We hope to create games with fresh concepts and explore new business models through using cutting-edge, emerging technologies in our development process,” said Aiden, co-founder of ZTimes. “We also hope to establish a complete gaming ecosystem where we give back game asset ownership to players, and where in-game items can be freely traded.”

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ZTimes introduced its three core business areas to its global partners at GDC: product direction, technology direction, and investment direction. The product direction focuses on creating next-generation games with Web3 technology, while the technology direction disrupts traditional game development models by leveraging the power of AI, revolutionizing game design. The investment direction connects with top game developers worldwide to foster the growth of the gaming industry.

To mark the brand’s launch, ZTimes unveiled two new titles currently under development at GDC 2023. The first is a massive-multiplayer online title dedicated to replicating the essence of Giant Network’s flagship title, “Zhengtu” – a highly acclaimed massive-multiplayer online game series. The second title combines SLG gameplay with NFT, aiming to empower NFT through gameplay and to explore the balance between game fun and value generation.

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The two new titles to be released under ZTimes will be backed by over 100 expert game developers and researchers to provide long-term support.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to create an international brand and advance towards our vision of a new gaming era,” said ZTimes co-founder Aiden. “We are dedicated to bringing new value to players and the gaming industry as a whole. And to increase our brand value globally, ZTimes will focus on research and development, building channels and strategic investments. “

About ZTimes
ZTimes is a new brand created by a group of young game designers from Giant Network for the overseas market. Giant Network is a renowned game enterprise in Mainland China. “ZTimes” signifies the arrival of a new generation, “ZT” is the abbreviation of the milestone product “ZT Online” and we are inheriting the innovative gene. The eggshell element of “i” symbolizes incubation and vitality. We aim to integrate cutting-edge emerging technologies into the gaming industry, create games with new concepts, and explore new business models. We aim to create a new game ecosystem where the ownership of game assets belongs to players, and in-game items are freely traded. Today, our mission is clearer than ever, and we are confident that our new brand for the overseas market, ZTimes, will have the opportunity to write a new chapter on the game field in our way.

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