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Gift a Sleepwell Mattress to Newlyweds this Wedding Season


Sleepwell, India’s top mattress brand has introduced the concept of gifting a mattress as a wedding gift through its newly launched multi-media campaign “Gift well with Sleepwell”.


Gift well with Sleepwell


As tiring as wedding rituals are for the couple getting married, their friends and family tend to get stressed over too, over suitable gifting options. Therefore, what could be a better gift to the newlyweds than a comforting Sleepwell mattress?

Created by Sideways Consulting and launched across television, social media, OTT and other platforms, the campaign features a newly-wed couple going through the mandatory ceremonies of the wedding, meeting and greeting everyone, all through the day. As they enter their bedroom at the end of the day tired and exhausted, they discover much to their joy and gratitude that someone has gifted them a Sleepwell mattress.


Gift well with Sleepwell


Speaking about the campaign, Abhijit Avasthi, Founder – Sideways Consulting, said, “The campaign was as much fun as weddings themselves. It’s a great start to our relationship with Sleepwell. As we look to build a strong brand, we’re sure this will be the first of many interesting campaigns we do as a team.”


“Indian weddings are not just big, but they are also the most chaotic and tiresome,” said Nilay Moonje & Sameer Sojwal, Creative Heads & ECDs – Sideways Consulting. “To the hassled newly-weds, what could possibly be the best and most appropriate gift? Well, the gift of comfort at the end of the craziest day of their lives. And that is what we attempted to present in the most memorable way.”


Gift well with Sleepwell


Mr. Rakesh Chahar; Director, Marketing & Sales – Sheela Foam Limited, the parent company of  Sleepwell, said, “Sleep is an important part of our life, more so, the role of a right mattress in getting good sleep. To highlight this, we found weddings to be an important life occasion as it is enjoyable but can be very busy and tiring. Thus, a good mattress giving good sleep plays the right role on a wedding occasion. We are confident that consumers will love the idea of the Sleepwell mattress as a good gift to married couples and further enhance the love people have for the brand.”


Gift Well with Sleepwell


Watch the “Gift well with Sleepwell” campaign at

​About the Sleepwell Brand

Sleepwell is a market leader for best mattresses, pillows and home comforting products in India. It has a nationwide presence with over 5000 exclusive retail outlets and more than 3000 multi-brand outlets. Sleepwell constantly strives to keep up with the evolving needs of its consumers and offers personalised products that suit their lifestyles.

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