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Gold Printed into Art; A new Marketplace that AU4ARTS


MIAMI, Dec. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gold and Art are combined in a single expression through AU4ARTS, a private company that officially launched its innovative marketplace, a new business model for investors and art lovers, on December 1st, in a crowded event that took place at the headquarters of Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO), during Miami Art Week & Art Basel 2022.

Enjoying the talent of a group of MISO musicians, under the direction of Maestro Eduardo Marturet, and with the presence of prominent modern artists such as the Argentinean Augusto Falopapas; AU4ARTS shared with those present the new art marketplace where the Art’s value is associated with Gold’s Value. This turns art into an investment opportunity and transform a subjectively appreciated asset into a highly attractive piece of art. This proposal offered by AU4ARTS is possible through the incorporation of a certain amount of gold into works of art, through the printing of gold weights on the artistic pieces. The technology that allows this process was created by Alejandro Ruíz and Francisco Merchán and is duly registered and patented.

The AU4ARTS’s team shared with all those present the relevance of this innovative proposal: “the union of Gold with Art, transfers value to the artistic work that goes beyond the subjective; giving the piece a calculable and investable base that adds to its intrinsic value as an artistic product”.

As an additional value, they confirmed that Ororized Art can be included into the growing digital art market since they can be converted into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), which gives the piece a unique condition, increasing its market value.

AU4ARTS has strategic alliances to ensure the quality and solidity of its products and services for its clients, among of those are the Bonanza Mining Group, LEGEMESA Environmental Mining Laboratory, Back-EndArt and AINOS Business Consulting.

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