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Han’s Robot Releases New Automated Arc Welding Robots for


SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Han’s Robot, a global leader in the collaborative robot field, has recently introduced a new automated arc welding system that improves the accuracy, efficiency, and stability of welding. 

Welding industry operators are usually faced with high deployment costs of traditional industrial robots, high learning costs for welders, and high requirements in terms of the welders’ abilities. Therefore, traditional industrial robots and manual welding are two options that often fail to meet the specific needs of many scenarios. 

Leveraging strong human-robot integration and mutual support, Han’s Robot automated arc welding robots can be applied to small-batch and multi-variety flexible production lines. With easy teaching, extremely high safety, and flexible deployment, Han’s collaborative welding robot creates the perfect solution to two major challenges in the industry: lack of skilled welders and increasing cost pressure.

The automated arc welding process of Han’s Robot uses carbon dioxide and argon gas to ensure higher welding stability, high-quality welds and flexible deployment to solve the main challenges of many welding industry operators, including the lack of skilled welders and an increase in cost pressure. Han’s Robot’s solutions can guarantee repeatability positioning accuracy (as high as ± 0.02mm) and provide long-term uninterrupted high-quality welding. Han’s Robot arc welding robots are especially suitable for metal processing, automotive, shipbuilding, kitchenware, and bathroom industries.

As the world’s leading collaborative robot and automation solutions provider, Han’s Robot has attracted more than $100 million in funding and over 500 top global talents from 25 countries and regions. The company’s core R&D team has more than 10 years of industrial experience and has mastered the core technologies of intelligent robots. With its intelligent perception system, zero-code programming, and zero-slip power failure, the Han’s automated arc welding robot brings cost savings and efficiency gains into practice, while also leading the welding industry into a new era of automation.

About Han’s Robot
Han’s Robot is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to developing, promoting, and applying intelligent robots in industry, healthcare, logistics, services, etc.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Shenzhen Han’s Robot Co., Ltd.
Address: Bao ‘an District, Shenzhen 518103, Guangdong, China
Telephone: 400-852-9898

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