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Harp sounds are proven to create resonance for the mind,


Oakland, CA, Jan. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Assinyeola Music Publishing has announced its release, “I Need Time To Chill” a 26-track harp centered Lo-Fi/Chill-Hop album which has gotten over 50,000 listens worldwide through various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Jango, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. The album was produced by Hyp, a musician originally from Boston-Roxbury, MA.

In the face of socio-political unrest, individuals are experiencing angst, friction, and the deterioration of personal relationships. Art, particularly music, has always been a refuge during tough times. This album incorporates aspects of psychoacoustics using live harp music, combined with instrumental Hip-Hop.        

Listener Andre Avanessian states, “Hyp’s music clearly aims to evoke a feeling of relaxation with its chilled form of musical expression, there’s a definite feeling of reflection underpinning the music that as a listener you can really feel.”

A study conducted and written by doctors and psychiatrists throughout the U.S indicated that “listening to live harp music had a positive effect on patient perception of anxiety, pain, and satisfaction, and produced statistically significant differences in physiological measures of systolic blood pressure and oxygen.”

“It’s rare for a Black Male from the ‘hood to play the harp. It’s been twenty years that I’ve been playing now. Dealing with high blood pressure and the stresses of the world, not to mention my work as a reentry and restorative justice practitioner, playing the harp has been a place of respite for me”, says Hyp.

Many around the world have been reassessing what they need and want out of life. An article in Discover Magazine states, “During the pandemic, there’s also been a greater reckoning with racial justice issues, including cultural appropriation.” Seeking relief from social and political turmoil many have turned to LoFi and Chill-Hop music, which speaks to the cult-like following this genre has enjoyed. “Not only was it around long before YouTube, but the old-school hip hop and jazz inspiring the soundtracks come from Black culture” says Elliot Gann, a psychologist and executive director of Today’s Future Sound.  

The album “I Need Time To Chill” has a runtime of an hour and twenty three minutes. It’s intended for influencer videos, work, study sessions, relaxation, sleep music and background music at events. It is available for purchase through Hyp’s Bandcamp or streaming on his Spotify profile.



Assinyeola Music Publishing’s mission is to promote healing from multi-generational trauma, through music. We do this by providing music, content, and curriculum for social justice leaders and educators. 

Our music compositions feature live and electronic instrumentation. It is available on several streaming platforms or licensing for film, tv, documentaries, influencer videos and commercials by request.


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