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HarperCollins India Presents Outskill: Future-proofing Your Career in the Post-Pandemic World by Partha Basu


NEW DELHI, Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The job market in the post-pandemic world is a different place. Most skills that assured one of a stable career in the pre-pandemic era do not matter anymore. In Outskill, Partha Basu deep dives into what skill sets will make a person relevant in the rapidly evolving workplace.

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The book is the perfect guide that will give one the flexibility, purpose and authenticity to become future-ready.

Paperback | Self Help | Education |Harper Business| 228 pp | Rs 399

Available Wherever Books Are Sold | Releasing 24th November 2022

Author, Partha Basu, says, “We all hear about how organizations are downsizing in the post pandemic era fearing a recession, how technology is taking away jobs. The only way for every professional to stay ahead in the game is to become future ready. Outskill takes a deep dive into the future of leadership relevant in the post-pandemic digital world. Narrated through relevant corporate stories & views from forty-five senior industry leaders, Outskill will surely help professionals to be ready for a new role, be it in within the organization or outside of it.”

HarperCollins India Executive Editor, Sachin Sharma, says, “The workplace changed post the pandemic. Most skills that assured you of a job or stay in one are not relevant anymore. Partha Basu has done a commendable job in researching and writing Outskill. The insights he provides will go a long way in ensuring your skillsets are at par with the dynamic and unpredictable job market.”


‘The pandemic arrived, pressing pause on existence around the globe, redefining life as we know it. We were unsure what business-as-usual will look like after this is over. But unprecedented global crisis aside, many of the changes we see now were already creeping up on us. COVID-19 may have simply sped up their adoption.’

The job market in the post-pandemic world is a different place. Most skills that assured you of a stable career in the pre-pandemic era do not matter any more. In Outskill, Partha Basu deep dives into what skill sets will make you relevant in the rapidly evolving workplace. As part of his research, Partha has collaborated with forty-five senior leaders from diverse industries to understand their challenges, motivations and skill requirements that will keep them ahead of the curve in their careers.

Outskill will help you inculcate and internalize qualities such as virtual leadership, digital networking, communication, storytelling, agile leadership, personal branding, coaching and mentoring, among others, to ensure that you master the skills required in the new era with a human touch.

Here is the perfect guide that will give you the flexibility, purpose and authenticity to become future-ready.


Partha Basu is a senior industry leader who has worked in seven industries, both in Fortune 500 organizations like Coca-Cola, Whirlpool, AkzoNobel and Tata Group as well in new initiatives like IFB-Bosch and SpiceJet.

Partha has earlier authored five books—Lifescapes: The Long and Short of It (2021), Mid-Career Crisis (2015), Make It or Break It (2012), With or Without You (2010) and Why Not! (2008).

He has delivered lectures in India and abroad, and his articles have been published widely. At present, he is based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands.


‘The Chicken soup for business bosses.’

–  The Telegraph

‘A book for those who wants to race ahead in life.’

–  The Financial Express

‘Biblical corporate guide … achieves the effect of “inspiring”.’

–  The Statesman

‘Simple straight language backed by a powerful storyline … Basu has captured the real backdrop of the corporate world.’

–  The Hindu

‘A serious management honcho and a passionate writer, that’s Partha Basu for you, whose books are for all those who struggle to keep their jobs from running their life.’

–  The Times of India

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