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HBO MAX “Big Brunch” Cheftestant Launches GoFundMe


EL PASO, Texas, June 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — One Grub Community Diner, El Paso,TX’s beloved 100% community focused plant-based diner which features a Pay it Forward meal progam, is facing an urgent challenge to maintain its operations and secure a new location. Along with its sister nonprofit Planty for the People, the restaurant, known for its commitment to providing meals, education, and access to fresh, plant-based foods for the community, is launching a GoFundMe campaign to ensure the continuation of its services and to support relocation efforts.

In 2022, Chef Wilcox participated in the HBO Max cooking show, “The Big Brunch,” where he wowed judges with his ability to create versatile vegan dishes that proudly embraced the spirit of his hometown, taking him all the way to the show’s semifinals.

The campaign will officially launch on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, at 6pm MDT / 8pm EDT, during an Instagram live Q&A between Roman and professional baker, Big Brunch co-star, and friend, Chef Danielle Sepsy, Sepsy is the owner of New York’s The Hungry Gnome bakery and  a social media influencer. There they will catch up, discuss the state of the diner and launch the campaign. You can follow Chef Roman at and Chef Danielle at to watch and find out more.

Donate to the GoFundMe campaign:

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“I believe One Grub Community Diner is making a difference in our community, and I believe we have much more to do,” said co-founder and chef Roman Wilcox. “We’d be nothing without the community we serve, and now we need their help.”

Big Brunch judge, author and restaurateur Will Guidara sends his support and urges the community to give back by supporting the GoFundMe campaign.

 “There are plenty of chefs out there, plenty of restaurants who exist to serve their own egos to show the world what they can do,” Guidara said. “And then there are those who understand we are to serve people, to give them a place where they can come to feel a sense of belonging, feel seen and welcomed.”

Why we need your help:

One Grub Community Diner currently resides inside First Christian Church in Central El Paso’s historic Rio Grande neighborhood. Recently, the property was sold, jeopardizing this valuable community resource’s future. 

In response to this unforeseen development, the dedicated team behind the diner has taken immediate action to raise funds and secure a new location that will enable them to continue their vital mission while continuing to pay staff and provide delicious plant-based food to the community.

What sets One Grub Community Diner apart is its Pay It Forward meal program. Through this initiative, the diner extends its reach beyond the dining experience, ensuring that individuals facing food insecurity can still enjoy nourishing, plant-based meals, no matter their circumstances. By contributing to the GoFundMe campaign, supporters will play a significant role in maintaining this crucial program and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

One Grub Community Diner is seeking support from our local community and the nation to ensure that its staff can continue its mission to promote healthy, sustainable, and compassionate choices. By donating to the GoFundMe campaign, individuals can actively contribute to preserving a valuable resource and promoting a more conscious and inclusive food culture in El Paso.

Together, we can support One Grub Community Diner, provide access to plant-based foods, and empower the local community to embrace a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle.

Planty for the People is the onsite urban farm initiative that teaches the community how to grow their own food and brings access to garden fresh foods to the community at donation pricing. Though the fundraiser goes to the diner, they will be trying to find a way to give PFTP a proper home as well.

To learn more about One Grub Community Diner and Planty for the People, go to

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