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Hollywood Digest Announces Editors Pick for Top Directors,


Los Angeles, Jan. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

When it comes to this year’s compelling and trending films, shows, acts and studios, be sure to check out this hot list of individuals on the most talked about projects. Follow them to see what new features, awards and events arise in 2023. Some notable names on the list are: Sean McNamara, Bayan Joonam, Gary Robinson, Claire Chubbuck, Bernice Ye, and Erika Nicole Malone. ICT & Partners make Hollywood Digest editors pick for top directors, comedians, talent and studios to look out for in 2023. To view the complete list selected by Hollywood Digest visit:

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Over the past 18 years, ICT and teams are proud to have helped catapult many brands and artist into new heights. After identifying the gaps present in a business, ICT comes up with creative business and marketing strategies to fill in those gaps. By leveraging existing relationships, ICT has helped companies, musicians and individuals create and develop some of the most effective marketing and advertising campaigns to increase their visibility, and sequentially increase their profits. By utilizing these strategic partnerships help increase awareness, educates prospects, bring in substantial business and opportunities thanks to the top ten PR companies that formed this unique team. “Together Everyone Achieves More” rings true for Holly Davidson, Jimmy Star, Kelly K PR, Eileen Shapiro & Eric Steven.


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