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Home & Kitchen Appliances Brand ‘Geek’ is awarded the ‘Most Promising Kitchenware Brands of 2022’ by Silicon India Magazine


CHENNAI, India, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Geek Technology India, a Home and Kitchen appliance brand that has been making waves in the industry, recently got endowed with the award for Most Promising Kitchenware Brand of 2022 from Silicon India Magazine.

“We are extremely happy in receiving this award and this is definitely going to be the booster for accelerating our approach and performance towards 2023. We consider this as a recognition for our team striving hard towards disrupting the home and kitchen appliances category, says founders of Geek Technology India – Mr. Murugan Dhandapani & Mr. Prathap.A.

With a foundation in 2017 in New Jersey, USA, Geek has expanded its reach to five countries across three continents, including the USA, Canada, Australia, China, and India. Operating on global eCom platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, and New York Appliances etc., the brand has established itself as a leader in several product categories.

At the core of Geek’s mission is a commitment to providing families with quality, innovative products that meet their needs and make their lives easier. This is reflected in the brand’s extensive product range, which includes an automatic electric pressure cooker, air fryer oven, vacuum cleaners, rechargeable mini fans, humidifiers, smart locks, and coffee makers.

In India, Geek followed a Blue Ocean strategy to differentiate itself from other, well-established brands and create its own niche in the market. By offering unique and innovative products that were previously unavailable to Indian consumers, Geek was able to successfully carve out a space for itself in a crowded market. However, the brand did face the challenge of changing consumer behaviour and introducing new technology to the Indian market. To address this, Geek has launched two innovative kitchen appliances: the Geek Robocook, an electric pressure cooker, and the Geek Airocook, an air fryer oven.

Geek Technology India has implemented a customer-first approach and a strong influencer marketing strategy in order to connect with its target audience and build trust in the brand. The company provides free after-sales service at the doorstep to both its products, with a simple booking process through WhatsApp or call.

Looking ahead to 2023, Geek Technology India plans to expand into the smart home category with the development of Internet-connected appliances and other IoT-enabled home ecosystem products. The goal is to enhance the overall customer experience with advanced technology features in home and kitchen appliances.

This Most Promising Kitchenware Brand of 2022 award from Silicon India Magazine is a true testimony to Geek‘s efforts to transform every kitchen in India to a Smart Kitchen.

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About Geek Technology India

Geek Technology India was founded in 2017 in New Jersey, USA with the main objective to put more emphasis on product customization and technical innovation and be the Consumer’s trusted partner; as every consumer scenario is visualized to provide the highest end user out of box experience in the home and kitchen space through E-Commerce ecosystem.

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