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Houdini Swap crosses $10 million in total volume for its


Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Houdini Swap allows users to maintain privacy on the blockchain, offering a regulatory compliant anonymization service for Web3 participants. The platform has seen strong demand for its privacy and security solutions and plans to launch a loyalty & referral program enabled by $POOF token to reward users and attract new ones.

Houdini Swap is a non-custodial swap platform that allows users to quickly and easily anonymize blockchain transactions. Utilizing Monero as a “tunnel” between exchanges, Houdini Swap enables users to break all on-chain links between sending and receiving wallets. Houdini Swap is a Dream Labs incubated project.

Houdini Swap’s mission is to bridge the disconnect between the public nature of blockchains with the individual’s inherent right to both privacy and personal financial security. There is sound logic for why digital fiat systems such as bank accounts and credit card transactions are not public to all onlookers; privacy is a core element of security. The public nature of blockchains leaves people vulnerable to risks ranging from phishing scams to violence.

As a legal alternative to illegal decentralized currency mixers like Tornado Cash, Houdini Swap’s “conduit system” offers a regulatory compliant anonymization service for Web3 participants. Houdini Swap never takes possession, stores, transmits, or routes users’ funds; Houdini Swap strictly acts as an affiliate for various exchanges.

Houdini Swap users can expect the team to continue to improve the core anonymization services and build complementary features such as, but not limited to a fiat on/off ramp, non-anonymous swaps, and an API for white labelling.

Since the platform’s inception in July 2022, Houdini Swap has:

1. Averaged over 20% month-over-month swap volume growth; showcasing incredible demand for privacy and security solutions.
2. Processed over USD$10 million in swap volume and over 4,500 swaps.

With the upcoming launch of the Houdini Swap loyalty program enabled by $POOF token, token holders will have the ability to earn swap fee rebates, affiliate rewards, prizes, and other incentives.

To enter into the Houdini Swap loyalty program, swap users must stake their $POOF tokens for varying amounts of time. The longer the staking period and the more that is staked, the larger the swap fee rebates for the user to claim.

As an incentive for users to onboard new participants to the Houdini Swap platform, users will also be able to generate additional $POOF tokens via the Houdini Swap referral program. Each user will be able to generate a unique account ID and a referral link which can be shared with others. By using this link or ID, swaps will be attributed to the referrer, and he/she will be able to earn more $POOF.

With the staking and referral elements of the platform, Houdini Swap aims to reward existing Houdini Swap users and incentivize social sharing to introduce the platform to new users.



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