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How elite companies are achieving fortunes by leveraging OKRs


The unicorns, Google, Intel, and Amazon, attained their titles by leveraging a culture of OKRs, and Zimyo is walking the same path.

GURUGRAM, India, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zimyo, the leading HR-Tech platform that provides SMEs with supreme employee experience, is walking the path that paramount companies like Google, Netflix, Deloitte, and many others traveled to become the unicorns of today. 


The perpetual success that came toward Zimyo by enforcing a culture of OKRs for themselves is now being taken to the world. With a vision of adding more value to their crest as a number one employee experience provider, Zimyo introduced a new scoop to their product suite – the OKR Software.

The foundation of OKR software and implementing goals and OKRs within their own workplace was inspired by exquisite companies like Google, Accenture, Netflix, etc. These unicorns implemented the OKR framework early in the race and are now reaping the benefits of practicing a performance-driven culture.

“The credit for our exceptional growth goes to the relentless efforts of the entire Zimyo team. We became the trusted performance management provider for 1000+ CHROs with our product innovations, customer satisfaction, and quality user experience. Zimyo will keep rising perennially by driving the performance of every organization out there,” expressed Kumar Mayank, CEO of Zimyo.

Objectives and Key Results are an effective goal-setting strategy that eliminates disruption and aligns the focus of the workforce in one direction. The OKR methodology guides organizations toward setting ambitious goals, developing alignment, and tracking & measuring the results, all the while prioritizing tasks as per their importance.

Now successfully climbing the ranks domestically as well as internationally by implementing OKRs as a performance management metric, Zimyo is offering the same to everyone. With eminent names like Bajaj Capital, Amity University, Soho House, etc, as their customers, their road to success is already paved.

The success of an organization hinges entirely on its employees, from bringing in customers to loyalty and retention. In view of that, to keep the workforce happy and valued, a quality performance management solution is the way forward.

Employees know what is expected of them, how to work on those expectations, how to improve with feedback, and getting recognized by being awarded. Everything above is led and managed by Performance Management Software.

OKRs themselves are a part of the performance management feature, and ultimately, these functions, when appropriately implemented, lead an organization toward immense growth and success.

The unwavering dedication toward their employees and customers has enabled Zimyo to carve its name in stone as a leading performance accelerator in such a short span. Thriving and exceeding with the same zeal and determination, the venture is committed to driving the performance and productivity of every organization worldwide.

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