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How Moms are Approaching 2023 – Mylo's Survey This Year End


Key findings:

  • 86% new moms plan to resume working in 2023

  • 40% new moms to only work if hybrid options are available

  • 42% new moms report lack of access to child care as a major daily stressor

  • 76% new moms are often unable to socialise with friends

  • Video streaming is how 51% of new moms de-stress

Mylo, a leading one-stop solution for expecting and new mothers, today announced the results of a year-end survey with members of their community. The survey seeks to understand new mothers’ expectations from the new year, their career ambitions, aspirations of finding balance between family and work commitments, and interpersonal relationships.

Mylo surveyed 2000 moms pan-India, of which 58% are younger than 30 years of age with 79% having only 1 child.

Mothers inclined to stay in the workforce but lack of WFH options a concern

Although mass vaccinations have made full time office work a viable option for Indian companies, it may no longer be possible to revert to the workplace norms of the pre-pandemic era. The majority (86%) of Indian mothers reported that they will begin or resume working in 2023; however, around half (47%) of them have stated that they shall return to work only if offered flexible work timings or a work from home option.

Out of the women who do not plan to work in 2023, 60% said they will forgo working as they wish to spend more time with their child, while 20% said they do not want to undergo the stress of balancing child rearing, household tasks and work commitments all at once.

Balancing a career with motherhood is leading to motherhood burnout

Despite the increase in women entering the Indian workforce over the years, juggling the act of motherhood with work commitments was reported as the biggest factor contributing to burnout by 32% of Indian moms. Lack of sleep (19%) and not getting a break (12%) were also cited as pressures associated with being a mother.

When asked about current stressors that may be afflicting them, child care (42%) and personal physical health (40%) were seen as pressing issues for Indian mothers, while concerns over budgeting and handling day-to-day expenses also posed an issue for a quarter of the women surveyed.

In 2023, new mothers expect to have more time for themselves

As children advance from the infant to the toddler phase and become more capable, new moms have a bit more time for other activities. Reported by 71% of respondents as something they look forward to in 2023, new Indian moms expect to have more time and energy to do things for themselves. The optimism for the new year was also reflected in the fact that nearly 20% of mothers foresee a promotion or a raise that will put their families in a better financial situation.

For mothers, destressing is more about staying in rather than going out

The Mylo survey found that many new mothers’ social interactions primarily revolve around the family, with 76% of respondents stating that they have not gone out with their friends at all within the past month. When new mothers were asked about what they do when they have time for themselves, streaming videos, whether over YouTube or OTT platforms, was cited as the most popular (51%) pastime. The second most popular (37%) leisurely activity was spending time outside with family, while only around 15% of new moms say they talk to their friends.

Shaveta Gupta, Head of Content & Community, Mylo, said, “Women have been juggling multiple tasks, such as managing the home, raising children, and working, with little further help from the community and their employers. The new mothers of India have emerged as much as, if not more educated and involved in the workforce as compared to men. Therefore, our businesses must devise ways to retain and seamlessly reintegrate new mothers when returning to the workplace. Similarly, we must emphasise to families and society as a whole the need to recognise and valorise the work that goes into motherhood.”

About Mylo

Mylo is a leading one stop solution for expecting and new mothers. It acts as a close companion to mothers as they embark upon this journey of raising a family. The platform provides a personalised experience, a helpful community of mothers & experts, and curated products – everything a mother needs for her parenting journey. Last year, Mylo launched its own D2C Brands for Mothers & Babies in personal care, premium Ayurveda and daily essentials based on community feedback and leveraging its R&D capabilities. Recently, Mylo has launched Mylo Clinic where a new or expecting mom gets access to curated health packages and can book consultations with doctors and experts. Mylo has recently raised $17 mn in Series B funding. At Mylo, the company’s vision is to – “Raise Happiness” of all mothers as “Happy moms raise happy families.” This year, Mylo has also been recognized by Forbes as the D2C Disruptor in the mother & baby space.

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