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How Web3 is changing content monetization


New York, NY, Nov. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ownership and decentralization are two of the fundamental aspects of cryptocurrency and Web3. This ethos is transitioning itself into the minds of content creators, understanding that unless they truly own their content, they are not free to monetize it at their discretion. Introducing WUBITS, the revolutionary content monetization platform at the forefront of that transition, empowering both creator and enthusiast; Let’s see how.

How WUBITS Is Revolutionizing Content Monetization

WUBITS is the world’s first Web3 content monetization platform that allows content creators to fractionalize their content and monetize it, getting paid directly in crypto.

The current method of content monetization is broken, to say the least. Web2 platforms like YouTube and Instagram take a massive cut of the revenue generated by the content creators through ads, which the creators have no control over. This centralized system leaves content creators at the mercy of these platforms and what can or cannot be monetized. 

The WUBITS platform empowers creators to sell their content through tokenization and fractionalization by granting each piece of premium content its own token. Premium content is then published on the platform to allow crypto enthusiasts to pay only for that singular piece of content.

The Real X Factor Of WUBITS

At its core, WUBITS is a social media platform that grants complete autonomy to the creator and the enthusiast. But what makes it different from other platforms, whether Web2 or Web3?

The answer is simple; their atomic approach to monetization with free and premium content. As previously mentioned, each piece of premium content on Wubits is its own token and every bit of content is not part of a package, monthly subscription, or weekly post. Instead, it’s entirely explainable within itself. A singular piece of fundamental analysis or trading signal with a set unlock price in crypto. It’s important to note that not all content will be paid for. There will be ample free content that creators can post at their discretion. 

That unlock price is set entirely by the creator, which removes the necessity to create fake virtual scarcity for their content and allows each piece of content to be priced according to the creator’s perceived value. If we are constantly striving for an entirely decentralized financial system with self-custodial ownership the norm, shouldn’t we also care for a wholly decentralized medium of information? That’s exactly what WUBITS has created.

It’s important to note that each unlock price is entirely in cryptocurrency allowing enthusiasts to pay directly from their crypto wallet instead of a bank account. This means creators are also getting paid into their wallets, entirely peer-to-peer.

Peer-to-peer is a core crypto principle, but why does it have to stop at financials? In today’s world, censorship is not the issue; instead, it is those who decide what content is monetized and, therefore, who gets paid. We are firmly in the information age, with Web3 at the frontier. However, suppose we don’t relieve those in charge of monetization of their powers, censorship will never be the issue, as creators are forced to make content that the algorithm rewards. The WUBITS platform allows pioneering creators and enthusiasts to set sail into the seas of ownership over monetization to break free of the hidden shackles; let’s see who becomes Columbus.


WUBITS will become the one-stop solution content monetization platform for creators who drive genuine value into the crypto community. This movement will be spearheaded by WUBITS’ monetization consensus ‘Pay-to-Read.’

In layman’s terms, Pay-to-Read simply means enthusiasts pay to read each piece of premium content they consume. This grants two major benefits:

Creators will be paid entirely in crypto and will be the primary beneficiary if their content is paid for. They will benefit from creating valuable content, pushing the crypto ecosystem forward with healthy competition. Enthusiasts will directly support the creator by purchasing their content.

Instead of creators being paid when people view the ads on top of their content, such as Youtube, they are paid as a direct result of consumption. There is no need for forged impressions or engagement as with Web2 platforms.

Overall, the Pay-to-Read model encapsulates the free-market mentality of the crypto world, where ‘value’ is perceived by the consumer, not the platform. Instead of creators appealing to what they think the platform’s algorithm will like, they instead appeal to what those purchasing their content would like. Ultimately, it provides content creators with an unfiltered glimpse into the value they bring to their community and their ability to generate revenue for themselves through their content.

WUBITS Is The Game Changer For Content Creators Like You

With its no-restrictions policy and the ability to be paid directly in crypto, WUBITS is the perfect platform for anyone who wants to have control over the monetization of their content.

So if you’re a content creator or a crypto enthusiast, check out the official website of WUBITS and follow them on Twitter for the latest platform updates; let’s start creating.


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