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HR Tech Startup Confirm Launches ChatGPT-Powered Solution


SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Confirm, the first platform to inject the science of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) into performance reviews to ensure job advancement is based on data, announced today that it has launched a new feature: a GPT3-powered solution that automatically drafts reviews for managers based on inputs from peers and managers.

Confirm’s Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) approach mirrors how work is done today – in networks vs. strict, top-down hierarchies. With Confirm, all employees can recognize who at their company they turn to for advice and help, and who energizes them, so analysis can spot correlations and trends and identify true top performers. The company’s ONA-based reviews create a fairer playing field by expanding leaders’ visibility of an employee’s impact and ensuring performance decisions are based on larger sets of data rather than only the opinions of a single manager.

Even though best practices say a manager should have about seven direct reports, it’s not unusual for managers and execs to have far more – even 15-20. Writing that many reviews can take hours. By synthesizing feedback from coworkers, Confirm gives managers a jumping off point that makes writing performance reviews far less daunting.

Confirm’s platform is designed to gather a broad set of data input for performance reviews, so they aren’t based on the whims of a single manager. Its new GPT3-powered feature takes this one step further by auto-drafting manager reviews based on input collected during the ONA process, even incorporating specific comments from peers. Managers then assess and edit the review before submitting. 

“We’ve struck a chord with HR pros and executive teams who know they can do better when it comes to performance reviews,” said David Murray, Co-founder and President of Confirm. “Our platform makes the process much easier and much more accurate – both are important, and until now had been hard to achieve together. We are excited to roll out this new GPT3-powered feature that creates a much more efficient way to write data-based performance reviews.”

About Confirm
Confirm is the first platform to inject science into performance reviews, ensuring advancement is based on data, rather than company politics or the loudest voice in the room. Designed for the new world of network-based and remote work, Confirm is the first to leverage organizational network analysis (ONA) in performance reviews, quantifying employee influence and impact, and giving leaders clear visibility into who they can’t afford to lose. Leading businesses such as Carta and Deel rely on Confirm to make data-driven decisions on employee development, promotion and retention. Learn more at

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