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IOC EB receives updates on the activities of NOCs; approves three changes of nationality in view of Paris 2024


29 Mar 2023 – During its meeting today, the Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) received updates on the situations of the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of Afghanistan, Iran, India and Guatemala.

NOC of Afghanistan

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The EB was informed that, since its last meeting in December 2022, there has been no tangible progress on the issue of ensuring access to sport and education for women and young girls in the country, despite the IOC’s call to the relevant sports authorities to do their utmost to reverse the existing restrictions.

The IOC has requested, and received, a report from the Afghan NOC and the Afghan Directorate of Physical Education & Sports. It is indicated in particular that the Afghan sports authorities have engaged with the de facto authorities to address the issue of ensuring access to sport for women and young girls in the country and are awaiting a decision.

Therefore, the IOC EB decision taken on 6 December 2022, which stated clear conditions with regard to any support to, activities with and continued operations of the Afghan NOC, remains in place.

The IOC EB reiterated its call on the relevant authorities in the country to urgently reverse the existing restrictions and ensure safe access to sport for women and young girls in the country.

Despite the current situation, the IOC continues to support athletes aiming to qualify for and participate in the Olympic Games Paris 2024. Ten athletes are currently benefiting from an Olympic Solidarity scholarship, and the majority of them are training abroad with the help of the NOC of their host countries.

NOC of Iran

The IOC has expressed serious concerns over the past few months vis-à-vis the situation of the Iranian athletes and the Olympic community as a whole in the current context of the upheavals and demonstrations in the country, and has urged the NOC to take appropriate action with the highest authorities to protect the athletes and members of the Olympic community from a humanitarian perspective.

At the request of the IOC, a meeting took place at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne on 2 February 2023. The IOC requested – and received – a written report from the NOC on all the issues addressed during the meeting, including the status of women in sport.

Having studied the report, the IOC will continue to monitor the situation and to request immediate intervention from the NOC whenever there is any specific issue affecting the athletes and members of the Olympic community in the country.

Additionally, the IOC EB reserves the right to take any appropriate action relating to the participation of the Iranian NOC and athletes in the upcoming Olympic Games Paris 2024, depending on the developments in this situation.

NOC of Guatemala

The EB today was informed that since its decision on 8 September 2022 and the suspension of the NOC effective since 15 October 2022, the situation has not evolved and has instead deteriorated, with a group (not recognised by the IOC) taking over the IOC-recognised (but currently suspended) NOC.

The IOC EB therefore maintains the suspension of the NOC of Guatemala until an acceptable solution can be found.

NOC of India

The EB took note that, further to its decision on 6 December 2022, the NOC elections successfully took place and a new President has been elected. The IOC formally acknowledged the results of the elections and also confirmed that the 2023 IOC Session would take place in Mumbai.

However, the NOC has not yet appointed the new CEO/Secretary General, in accordance with the NOC Constitution. The IOC EB subsequently urged the NOC of India to finalise the appointment process without further delay in order to finally normalise the situation.

Changes of nationality

The IOC EB today also approved a change of nationality for three athletes, in view of the Olympic Games Paris 2024:

Francesca Cingolani – Cycling/BMX – from Argentina to ItalyJack Fairclough – Shooting – from Great Britain to IrelandJeanne Lehair – Triathlon – from France to Luxembourg

The EB granted the requested exemption to the three-year waiting period, with the prior agreement from the International Federation and National Olympic Committees concerned, in accordance with BLR 2 to Rule 41 of the Olympic Charter.

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