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IPSEN – Buy-back programme – Art 5 of MAR – Week 22


Boulogne Billancourt, FRANCE


Aggregated presentation by day and by market

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Name of issuer

Identification code of issuer (Legal Entity Identifier) 

Day of transaction


Identification code of financial instrument

Aggregated daily volume (in number of shares) 

Daily weighted average price of the purchased shares *


Market (MIC Code)

IPSEN549300M6SGDPB4Z94P1101/06/2023FR0010259150284111,21AQEUIPSEN549300M6SGDPB4Z94P1101/06/2023FR0010259150690111,19CEUXIPSEN549300M6SGDPB4Z94P1101/06/2023FR001025915024111,26TQEXIPSEN549300M6SGDPB4Z94P1101/06/2023FR00102591502 979110,74XPARIPSEN549300M6SGDPB4Z94P1102/06/2023FR0010259150712110,99AQEUIPSEN549300M6SGDPB4Z94P1102/06/2023FR0010259150549110,94CEUXIPSEN549300M6SGDPB4Z94P1102/06/2023FR0010259150458111,01TQEXIPSEN549300M6SGDPB4Z94P1102/06/2023FR00102591503 681110,81XPAR* Two-digit rounding after the decimal TOTAL9 377110,86 

IPSEN – Buy-back programme – Art 5 of MAR – Week 22 2023


IPSEN – Buy-back programme – Art 5 of MAR – Week 22 2023…

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