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JAXA Startup Tenchijin Announces Funding from JAXA


JAXA’s first investment in Tenchijin expands the use of satellite big data to solve social issues on Earth.

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#COMPASS–Tenchijin is pleased to announce the investment from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (“JAXA”). This is the first ever investment of JAXA’s capital investment into business.

This funding will enable Tenchijin to enhance its product capabilities and expand its usage to yield direct benefits for society and businesses on Earth. Since incorporation in 2019, Tenchijin has been developing business as a JAXA Startup. With this funding, Tenchijin will enhance its partnership with JAXA to expand its offerings.

“We are deeply honored and motivated to receive investment from JAXA. With JAXA support, we will leverage Tenchijin COMPASS and continue to develop cutting-edge and scalable technologies to meet end-users’ needs world-wide”, said Yasuhito Sakuraba, Tenchijin CEO and co-founder.


Tenchijin has positioned itself as a precious space startup in Japan with JAXA employees working concurrently with Tenchijin and by harnessing JAXA Big Data expertise to solve issues and grow businesses on Earth.

Leveraging this strong relationship, Tenchijin received the Grand Prize for Space Utilization from the Cabinet Office in 2022. Additionally, Tenchijin won nine awards in both domestic and international competitions. With their rapid business expansion and innovative ideas to utilize space big data, Tenchijin successfully received investment from JAXA.

“As space business becomes more active world-wide, Japan is providing more venture capital. JAXA law was revised to create businesses that utilize research and development results and boost startup funding. JAXA decided to make its first investment in Tenchijin. As one of the pioneers of JAXA-certified ventures, Tenchijin is developing businesses through the utilization of satellite big data in various fields.”, said Yasuo Ishii, JAXA Vice President.

Tenchijin COMPASS

Tenchijin COMPASS is a land evaluation service that comprehensively performs analysis, visualization of various Big Data including Earth observation satellites. The service supports customers to find the best lands for their businesses: agricultural production, resource management, energy supply, carbon services

Tenchijin COMPASS is freemium by creating an account on the website.

If you are interested in customizing Tenchijin COMPASS or data analysis consulting, please contact us at
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Tenchijin, Inc.

Yasuhito Sakuraba

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