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Kine Protocol on Track to Release Major Functions and


Singapore, Nov. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kine Protocol (a unique and innovative decentralized derivative exchange) is launching a series of social and entertainment modules on its official site through Loyalty Points and Aridrop Events. These updates start from 2022-10-14 11:00 (UTC) and are set to give more freedom and incentive to the platform’s real supporters while also improving user engagement.

The series of social and entertaining modules include games and exclusive rewards that will help beginners familiarize with Kine Protocol’s DEX. Novice users will also learn complex trading concepts such as perpetual features and learn to grow their portfolios using the platform’s intuitive step-by-step guides on Kine.

At the top of the list of upcoming updates on Kine’s website is “Kine Membership.” Kine users will be able to launch the new membership module which is divided into 3 levels.

These levels include:

At each level the user will enjoy a specific set of privileges such as;

  • Trading Fee Discounts,
  • High Leverage Degree,
  • Loyalt Ppoints (LP) Airdrops
  • Beta-test Priority, etc.

To upgrade membership, users will need to increase their Exp points as an indicator of their membership level. Exp points can be obtained through completing daily check-in tasks, increasing trading deposit and completing KYC options.

There is also a “Game Center and Loyalty Points (LPs)” feature that is a play-to-earn module scheduled for release on and Kine App at 8am 10.20.2022 (UTC). This module offers users a fun and exciting way to trade on Kine’s DEX. More functionalities are set to launch on this module in the future.

Kine’s Loyalty Points are an important incentive for users on the Kine ecosystem as they reflect a user’s level of interaction with Kine Protocol. Apart from participating in Kine’s Game Center and Loyalty Point platform, users can gain LPs through airdrops and future community participation events. Kine’s LPs (whether from airdrops or rewards) can then be redeemed for exclusive perks and benefits on Kine’s official site.

Once you have your LP points, you can trade them for any other item in Kine’s ecosystem, including Kine’s native coin, $KINE. However, please note that you cannot buy or sell LP tokens as they can only be redeemed within Kine’s ecosystem.

Kine’s Loyalty Points are assigned the pie icon ‘π’ to signify the mathematical constant. The constant itself is an irrational number that cannot be expressed as a simple fraction and goes on forever without repeating. In the same way, Kine’s Loyalty Points are designed to have “infinite value.”

Lastly, Kine is also releasing a “Community Funfair” functionality to its platform. This addition is a new channel in Kine’s Discord server named Funfair  and is set to be home to news and updates about NFT campaigns, other AMA events concerning the functions and features mentioned above. All Kine users are free to join the Discord server and discus.

Kine Protocol’s Twitter page has already amassed a following of over 100,000 people and counting. Kine’s “Defi as Your Way” slogan says it all. The team behind the project is building the foundation of an intuitive and user friendly DeFi landscape using a play-to-earn concept.

About Kine Protocol

KINE Protocol is an Ethereum-based decentralized derivatives protocol designed to build an infinitely liquid derivatives marketplace and help users trade derivatives fast, transparently, and conveniently. All transactions are supported by the industry’s innovative [Peer-to-Pool] engine, which maximizes capital efficiency based on optimal leverage through state-of- the-art cross-margin function. Currently KINE has achieved a multi-chain layout to meet the diversified needs of users and create a multi-chain integrated trading ecology, making it the decentralized derivatives trading platform with the best user experience.

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