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Lifestyle & Preparedness Expert Cheryl Nelson Shares Post College Winter Break Tips and Tricks


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Winter break is winding down and college students across the country are preparing to head back to campus for the spring semester. As students are getting back into the groove of dorm and campus life, Cheryl Nelson, Travel Preparedness, Lifestyle Expert, Laundry Connoisseur and Founder and Owner of Prepare with Cher, offers her tips to help ensure them that they are ready to settle back into campus routines and make the most of the semester.

“Getting back into routines after winter break can be difficult for many students, after having weeks off from schoolwork, loads of free time, and not a full day to day schedule,” says Nelson. “To help students start off fresh on the right foot, I want to share ways on how to keep organization, health, and school a priority as their 2023 spring semester begins.”

Nelson recommends the following tips to tackle the upcoming semester:

Utilize a planner and keep it handy at all times. One of my favorite tips for busy college students who are filling their day with class, the gym, and a social life is keeping a weekly planner. If a physical planner is not for you, I recommend using calendar reminders on your cellphone or laptop, or using a sticky note that you keep in your backpack and cross out tasks as they occur throughout the day. This method holds you accountable and can be rewarding to show completed tasks.

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Make sure to have immune boosting products on hand. Returning from winter break, it can be hard for college students to get their bodies adjusted for the second semester and early class sessions. Make sure to have a medicine drawer in your dorm room, and keep it stocked with products that contain vitamin C and Zinc that boost immunity quickly. I like Zicam Daily Immune Support, a gummy supplement designed with Zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C to give the immune system a boost all in one sitting. When cold symptoms do slip through the cracks, I recommend Zicam RapidMelts, which shorten colds at first sign.

Have a balanced diet and exercise. During winter break with ample free time, routines in the gym and diet can slip. Exercise can be performed in numerous ways from forfeiting the campus bus to walking to class, to spending an hour a few days a week at the campus recreation center. When in the dining hall, there are many delicious eye-catching options, but eating nutritious and vitamin-rich foods is key to stay healthy. I like foods that are fiber rich such as beans and broccoli, and those that contain vitamin C such as oranges, strawberries, and bell peppers.

Separate laundry loads and declare a laundry day. I know when it comes to communal washers and dryers, it can be daunting to keep up with laundry and separating loads. I find it important to separate loads as much as you can even in college, to keep clothes bright and color intact. Using laundry bags for delicate garments, is a great way to keep items from ripping or pilling. With many students hitting the gym as the semester starts and participating in intramural sports with friends, I recommend using a detergent like Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Odor Blasters, which removes stains and combats all odor easily on laundry day.


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