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Imagine, what if we had an app that offers point to point solution and guidance on numerous topics such as Education, Medical guidance, Jobs, career, Business skills, Social Work, Law and Legalities, Fitness, Wellness, Health, Corporate skills, Arts, Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle. Don’t worry, this dream is now a reality in the form of LOCAL BANDHAN, India’s first OTT guidance app in MARATHI. They provide point-to-point solutions, in just 5 to 7 minutes. There are more than 200+ experts from different walks of life, they have amalgamated their expertise and years of experience in the form of guidance.

From left to Right – Sagar Pagar, Atul Parchure, Nitin Sardesai, Dr. T.P. Lahane and Sameer Patil

Besides this there are two more verticals one is Premium Videos wherein you’ll get in-depth guidance from experts on a particular topic, second is Business Bandhan where our experts will help you set your business goal into reality with their expertise.

Highly acclaimed and celebrated Actor Atul Parchure is the brand ambassador of this app. Many renowned notabilities like Milind Soman, Mrinal Kulkarni, Sonia Parchure, Vikram Phadnis, Padmashri Dr. T.P. Lahane, IFS officer Dr. Dyaneshwar Mulay, Bharat Dabholkar, Adv. Niranjan Mundargi, Manav Gohil, Kedar Shinde and many more are associated with LOCAL BANDHAN as experts.

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Recently, they kicked started their official marketing campaign and many dignitaries like Hon. Nitin Sardesai, Padmashri Dr. T.P. Lahane, Actor Atul Parchure and Director Sameer Patil along with founder Sagar Pagar were in attendance.

This incredible concept was visualized and ideated by Founder and Managing Director Mr. Sagar Pagar. According to him, “Our mission is to provide point to point guidance from youngsters to elderly. Touching Human lives through all the aspects and enriching the experience of getting guidance and in-depth Knowledge at your fingertips and our Vision is to reach all the regions of Bharat by 2024.”

Mr. Sagar Pagar, a visionary man is the mind behind multiple ventures. His first venture was Aaryan Infocom a company build with an aim to help masses through technical resources. He then opened Areopagus Spa and Wellness Centre, a Japanese Day Spa with a vision to provide healing. Then he came up with SYP Academy, an academy which provides personal and professional growth and have touched on subjects like depression, obesity, mind engineering and much more during the time of pandemic. Another one, is Mitoknondria Films a platform for media related ventures, which has produced award winning short film like The Voice, Manashri. Later, he came up with Healsum app, an app through which you can deliver your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. The experience with so many deviating ventures has now been accumulated and moulded in the form of LOCAL BANDHAN, an app which stand true to its tagline LOCAL BANDHAN, tumcha mitra tumchya madatila, and will guide you as a friend through every stage of your life. Also, the awesome part is, LOCAL BANDHAN is now available on play store and google store. Hurry up!! Download and subscribe this amazing app.

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